Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Alert: Dream Analyst with a strong constitution required!

I have always had vivid and bizarre dreams since I was a little girl and I can still remember some of my dreams from when I was as young as 7 or 8 - and in detail too. And every couple of days I will announce at breakfast that 'I had the weirdest dream last night.....' before catching a glimpse of my daughters' synchronised eye rolling.
Yes, it's fair to say that I'm used to odd dreams, recurring dreams and dreams based around a single theme. Not so long ago I was having a series of dreams about setting off on long journeys only to be thwarted in my travel plans and never quite reaching my destination. The insightful La Belette Rouge very kindly decoded these dreams and suggested I may be experiencing some sort of frustration with life or perhaps with unfulfilled ambition. As soon as I read it I knew she was right. The dreams stopped immediately and I set about making some necessary changes.
When I say 'the dreams stopped' I mean of course that those dreams stopped, because I continued on having weird and sometimes wonderful dreams as per usual.

Now, brace yourselves folks because there's no easy way to say this. For the last 10 nights I have been having the most vivid and, how should I phrase this...erm, provocative dreams. Are you catching my drift here? Don't make me spell it out. (Three letter word ending in x. No, it's not fox, box or sox. Although the last one could be pretty close. Ahem)

Now, the first couple of dreams were just fine and dandy. George Clooney made an early appearance (yum!) followed by John Mayer. I saw John Mayer in concert last year and thought he was very easy on the eye at the time but hadn't really given it much thought since. OK, so far so good.

Then came a succession of ex-boyfriends. Hmmm.....some more welcome in my dreams than others, but OK I could see the logic of how my sleeping brain might be working.

Then came last night's dream. I dreamt I was in flagrante delicto with an ex-neighbour of mine. I haven't seen this man for more than 12 years, and he's 70 if he's a day. Oh. My. God! What is going on? And in the dream - which I am mentally trying to exorcise even as I write - I was totally enraptured by him. I woke up this morning feeling quite disturbed. If I hadn't been planning to have a shower I would have jumped in one anyway to stop myself feeling so grubby. Urgh!

I'm almost tempted not to sleep tonight. I may well make myself some strong espressos and sit upright in a chair so as not to fall asleep. I mean, who is going to be next? Oh, I can't even contemplate. Someone please decipher these dreams and put me out of my misery.


lunarossa said...

OMG, you started very well with your dream sequence (georgy-boy, john meyer) and then degenerated so badly! Nothing wrong to dream of the --x if your partner is decent but this way there is clearly a problem underneath. I do not know your personal situation, but maybe you should start dating. Or maybe buy a d-i-l-do (a girl's best friend nowadays)? Excuse my bluntness, but yes, I'm Italian! Good night and dream well for once...O don't dream at all. Ciao. A.

La Belette Rouge said...

I hope tonight George Clooney visits you and that when you wake up he is there next to yeah.Hey, if you are going to dream dream big.

Credit Cruncher said...

I am jealous. Last night I dreamt I was swimming with all my clothes on and arguing with Terry Christian off Big Brother!

notSupermum said...

Ciao Antonella, I don't mind a bit of Italian bluntness - and it made me laugh! Yes, I can see what you mean. I don't date - but occasionally I do think it would be nice to meet someone.

Tessa - awww, that poor little bunny! Yep, I think you're absolutely right but the worrying thing was why I was dreaming about an old man who I haven't seen for years. Hmm... The last date I went on was 5 years ago and it was a disaster. Haven't bothered since.

La Belette - I wish! The dream I had about him was so lovely too - he came to meet me at work and everyone was all a dither because it was George, and they were all super impressed that he was with me!

Credit Cruncher - hello and thanks for leaving a message. Terry Christian eh? He doesn't do it for me either :-(

notSupermum said...

Tessa, forgot to mention - don't apologise, you weren't being too personal.

notSupermum said...

Very interesting theory Tessa, you could be on to something there.