Saturday, 31 January 2009

Men We Shouldn't Fancy But Do: Eddie Izzard

I was watching the Jonathon Ross show last night (I know, naughty boy but I do find him amusingly outrageous sometimes) and he was interviewing Eddie Izzard.

Now, I've always like Eddie - yeah, we're on first name terms now - but mainly because of his comedic abilities. But on the show last night he was so damn sexy! Did anyone see him? His voice, the way he carries himself, his manner is all very sexual. And all this even when he described himself as a 'card carrying transvestite'.....

OK, is it just me or does anyone else find him sexy? Or have I just been on my own for too long? Anyway, I offer you the following scenario.

You are waiting for him to pick you up on a date. The doorbell goes and when you open the door Eddie is standing there wearing the same dress as you. Do you:

a) Slam the door in his face,

b) Go upstairs and change, or

c) Go out on the date anyway and laugh about it.

Can't wait to hear your responses!


La Belette Rouge said...

I LOVE EDDIE IZZARD!! Sorry to shout but love will do that to you. Really, I am wild for him. I watch his stand-up DVDs over and over. I am a huge fan. I do think there is a sexiness about him. He is smart, funny, and is really comfortable with who he is( I love that about him). I am going with C. I fear he would look better in the dress than I do but I wouldn't let that stop me.
Oh and he is not just a transvestite he is an "executive transvestite".

Tawny said...

I would probably laugh and go out dressed the same. I like Eddie too, but I find Jeremy Clarkson uncomfortably alluring too!

notSupermum said...

La belette, I'M GLAD YOU LIKE EDDIE IZZARD! I hadn't realised you were such a fan. Oh, and thanks for clearin up the transvestite thing!

Tawny, nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Jeremy Clarkson? Are you sure?

Kristen said...

Eddie is very attractive. If he showed up I'd pick C, and then be envious the rest of the night because his shoes were so much more fabulous than mine.

lunarossa said...

I don't mind Eddie at all. I think it's the way he talks...I don't wear dresses very often (usually in the summer and in Italy) so I suppose he would be more feminine than me!!! And I would ask him if bad boy "Woss" could join us as well, as I've got a soft spot for him! Ciao. Antonella

Nicola said...

Definitely C. I love Eddie Izzard - tho I would probably to tempted to just take him straight up stairs and take his dress off...only so we could play dress up in the rest of my clothes obviously (not). I've fancied him for years and so does my best mate. I've seen him live 5 times and the best was definitely when he came skipping down a curved staircase wearing the tightest leather pencil skirt and the highest heel boots I have ever seen. Go Eddie. You are my hero(ine) in heels.

notSupermum said...

Kristen - hello and thanks for visiting!

Antonella, Not happy with just one man you want to take another? That's just greedy! :-)

Nicola, I'm so envious - I've never seen him live but have been looking at getting tickets for when he comes to Liverpool this year.
And sorry I didn't give you a fourth option for the Eddie date, but I see you made your own!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, no, NO!!!! Stop it, Stop it this instant!

notSupermum said...

Cybill, awww Julian Clary is lovely but I have more of a brother type love thing going on for him.

More than just a mother...oh, is that option a for you? Slam the door in his face? Do tell...

I'm quite amazed how many women love Eddie - I didn't expect so many positive responses!

see you there! said...

I lead a sheltered life, don't know who he is. I'd pick C tho. It would be an adventure.


notSupermum said...

Darla, you're very sporting! Eddie Izzard is a stand-up comedian and actor. He's very well known in the UK, perhaps less so in the US.

My Little Brown Book said...

I think my favourite thing about Eddie's stand up (I try my best to ignore his acting) is that you LEARN so much from it! He's so intelligent - it really makes for fascinating comedy.

I went to see him recently - check out my blog post about it here:

He's just announced a UK-wide tour of the gig I saw - HIGHLY recommended!

Oh and my answer is definitely C ;)

Almost American said...

Definitely C

She Means Well... said...

I know this is a response to a blog post lost in the mists of time, but I thought I'd add my thoughts to the Eddie dialogue.

Although he's not conventional beefcake, he is strangely alluring because:

- he makes me laugh (Marilyn Monroe once said that a man that can make a girl laugh can make her do anything - not as dumb as she was blonde-looking that girl);

- he makes me think (thus proving that he has a brain, and he knows that his audience does too);

- he makes me want to believe that with the right attitude, we CAN make the world a bettter place - and that it IS cool to care;

- there is a touch of pathos asbout him that appeals to my maternal instincts;

- when he sets his mind to something, he does it - no matter how long it takes;

- there is an air of supreme self-confidence about him that goes oh-so-well with high heels and a push-up bra. If he was an animal, I'm sure he'd be a sleek comfortable angora cat with a wicked glint in its eye.

Oh, and for the record, I'd pick (C), though I'm pretty certain he looks better in fishnets than I do!