Saturday, 10 January 2009

Theology for 9 year olds

Today when we driving home from my daughter's dance class we had an interesting conversation about God. I think it was prompted by a TV programme we had watched about The Diary of Anne Frank and my 9 year old had asked about Judaism.

Small daughter: Which religion am I?
Me: You were baptised as a Christian.
SD: And does that mean I have to believe in God?
Me: Well, Christians do believe in God, yes.
SD: But Dad doesn't believe in God and he's a Christian.
Me: Well he was brought up as a Christian but now he doesn't believe in God anymore. That's his choice.
SD: So what does that make him then?
Me: A raving heathen, as my old nan would have said.
SD: Oh, ok. But I do believe in God.....although I'd like to make some changes.
Me: Hmm...what changes would they be?
SD: Well, I think God is actually a woman......
Me: I see
SD: ....and she's called Wendy.


lunarossa said...

OMG, dear Supermum (hope you won't mind if I call you like this from now on!), we have got so much in common!!! A couple of months ago my 9 yr old daughter had a similar conversation in my car with one of her best friends, also half Italian, who actually attends a Catholic school. My daughter asked her all sort of things, among them if she really thinks that God is a man and if there is a heaven for pets, etc. etc. It was really interesting, but when they realized I was trying to listen, they stopped and started talking about Wii games. Pity I forgot most of it. I should have written it down as you did. Have a nice Sunday. Ciao. Antonella

see you there! said...

Isn't it great that 9 year olds have such curiosity and no fear of asking questions? That's an area some adults I know wouldn't dream of discussing.

And Wendy? Too cute!


notSupermum said...

Antonella, I used to keep a journal - the paper type - and always wrote down what the children did, it's so easy to forget isn't it? I don't keep the journal now, but it's nice to record them in some way so the blog is great for that.

Darla, children are brilliant for that - I work in a class of 5 and 6 year olds and they are so funny sometimes (unintentionally) but also ask the best questions.

I don't know where she got Wendy from, and I was too busy stifling a giggle to ask her.

grumpyoldwoman said...

Wendy - thats me! I always DID think I was a deity - and now it is confirmed - hurrah - praise me, praise me!

Yummy Mummy said...

You sure she hasn't been watching lipstick jungle??? hehe. She sounds adorable!

I have it on good authority that God is a woman so she is on the right track!


notSupermum said...

Wendy - perhaps she had you in mind?

Yummy mummy - what happened in Lipstick Jungle? I don't watch it although I always mean to.

Jane said...

It reminds me of a recent conversation I had with my nine-year-old - although not a religious one.
B: Will I still be alive in 2020?
Me: I hope so, you will only be 20
B: Will I still be alive in 2100?
Me: Possibly but you'll be a 100 then?
B: I don't want to be alive then - I'll be all wrinkly!

La Belette Rouge said...

LOL @ God is called Wendy. Love her!! That girl deserves a Westie.;-)

Tawny said...

My 9 year old's take on heaven is that only your soul can go there, because if your body went it would fall through the clouds....

the ionnocence of a 9 year old is special.

Little Brown Book said...

As an atheist I always wonder what will happen if and when I have children and the 'God' question is asked!

Love your blog Supermum =)


notSupermum said...

Little Brown Book - welcome, and thanks for leaving a message. I'm just off to have a look at your blog...

Little Brown Book said...

Thanks for your comment Supermum!

Will have a look out for Parati in the guidebooks.

I'm doing some work with parent bloggers at the moment and would love to have a chat. Do drop me an email if you get chance =)