Monday, 2 February 2009


As I sit here typing I can see the snow falling heavily outside in the garden. When we awoke this morning everywhere was white although it wasn't very deep. Though there was enough for us to have a quick snowball fight before school and when we got home earlier the Smallest Daughter made a snowlady. Unfortunately, she didn't secure the head very well and it has now slid down the back of the body and is lying on the floor. I've told SD that the snowlady is just having a lie down, but tomorrow - if it continues to snow like it is - we'll make her a boyfriend.
SD wrote this poem for me today:

Snow dear snow
come down from the sky.
Let our kids play in you
never go, never go
please stay.
Bring the snowmen with you
Snow snow dear snow

I'm going to nominate her to be the next Poet Laureate. She's clearly a genius.


La Belette Rouge said...

How old is she? No matter her age she is a talented girl.

see you there! said...

I don't care much for snow but I really do like the poem.


Yummy Mummy said...

Poem = adorable.
Snow = I'm so over you.


Yummy Mummy said...

did I mention how OVER THE SNOW I AM???

sorry just venting. 50+ inches in 2 months will do that to a girl!

notSupermum said...

La belette, she's 9 and a little sweetie. She loves writing poems and I love reading them.

Darla, glad you like it. Isn't it funny that as we get older our fondness for snow turns to intense dislike?

YM - sorry, we can't compete with you on the snow! We are due to have snowfall all of this week and already most of the country is grinding to a halt. My girls are praying that their schools will be closed tomorrow :-)

lunarossa said...

I second that, definetely a genius. My daughter is 9 as well but she would never dream of writing poems! She prefers playing football and acting in pantomimes! If I were you I'd collect all her poems in a booklet and have it printed with lovely pictures for her next birthday. And one to me please, signed for posterity! Ciao. A.

Kayleigh said...

Oh my, what a sweet and lovely poem -- she really IS talented :)