Monday, 30 March 2009

7 Random Things

  • Today as I was driving home from work I was approaching a busy roundabout when I noticed something in the distance. I realised it was a meandering line of ducks waddling across the road near the roundabout so I slowed down to let them past. It was so charming to see them, and also really satisfying to see all of the other approaching cars spontaneously slowing down to allow the ducks to get onto a safe area.

  • Smallest Daughter was cuddling up to me in bed, our faces close together. SD says "Mum, why have you got hair under your nose?" "Have I really?" I splutter, feigning surprise. "Yes, you have. Is it a Mumtache?" "Err, yes I think it is" say I, making a mental note to buy some facial hair remover....
  • On Friday school closes for the two-week Easter break and I am really ready for it. I have a ton of things to do and two weeks to do it in. Most of it involved tidying the garden which is beginning to look like Steptoes' Yard with various old pieces of garden furniture, an old swing, old fence panels, two discarded wooden cupboards and a dozen or so plant pots. The house is even worse. It looks like we've been burgled. In fact I think a burglar would tidy up before they took anything, it's that bad. I have Big Plans to turn the currently underused 'family room/junk room/study' into a dining room. It's a lovely room overlooking the (untidy) garden....maybe that's why we don't use it?.....but needs to be decluttered, new flooring fitted and the dining table moved in.
  • I'm also due to attend a two-day conference next week in Liverpool. I had been invited to stay in a very nice hotel for the two days, but will have to return home each evening to look after my offspring. Shame.
  • The Teenager-in-waiting's class had a science test to check their knowledge of recently covered subjects.
TiW: "Mum, what is a male bee called?"
Me: "Hmm, is it a drone?"
TiW: "Oh, I got that one wrong then. I thought it was called an Angry Bee."
  • I am currently coveting a pair of Fly London shoes. I saw them on Amazon and fell deeply in love, but now have to justify spending £52.40 which is a hefty chunk of my monthly budget for clothes/hair/toiletries/ stuff. What do you think my blogging friends? Should I buy these lovelies?

  • I had my test results back from the doctor who said everything looked normal. I now have to wear a 24 hour recorder to check what is happening to my heart over a day.


Jane said...

Glad to hear you have passed your MOT. I was just thinking the same thoughts (that you express about your garden) about mine - I can't wait to drag the garden table out from underneath the kitchen window.
"Mum" tache- I love it.
As for the shoes. I hate to say it but I am not to keen.

Anonymous said...

Fly shoes are extraordinarily comfortable. Buy them in red.

La Belette Rouge said...

A mumtache??? Love it. Your girls are fantastically smart and funny.

Shoes are cute. I agree, buy them in red!!!

Maternal Tales said...

Ooh yes I like red shoes. Get them and don't buy any other toiletries for the month. But hold do need the hair remover...ooops. If it's an either or, I would get the shoes and just wear a balaclava for the rest of the month. Possible? Glad the docs gave you the all clear... x

notSupermum said...

Jane - it's that time of year for getting the garden sorted isn't it? I'm dreading it!

MTJAM - oooh, thanks for the vote!

La belette - yes, we do have a well developed sense of humour in our little family. We have a good sense of the ridiculous. A day without laughter is a wasted day as far as I'm concerned. And thanks for the shoe vote!

Maternal Tales, ha! That made me laugh - do you think if I get a red balaclava it would go with the shoes?

Anonymous said...

My daughter has started making similar random comments about my appearance. She's getting to that age when she notices things and wants explanations!

You can never have too many pairs of Fly shoes. I have three!

Kayleigh said...

Great & wonderful news on the test results-- and that you are wearing the monitor...I'm sure that will reveal nothing serious as well!

Your daughters crack me up, clearly they have inherited their mother's wonderful wit :) I will never look at my facial hair (or bees...or men for that matter) the same way again, LOL!

Oh, and I LOOOOOVE those shoes -- I say buy 'em ;)

that girl? said...

So glad to hear your ticker is tickety boo! and to celebrate you should buy shoes.... we likey those very much! x

Mervat said...

Great news on your results. To celebrate, buy the least to make up for not staying at the very nice hotel!

notSupermum said...

Rosie, out of the mouths' of babes. I remember when my eldest girl was small she knew my dress size and would hold things up in clothes shops and say 'this is too small for you mummy'. Thanks!

I love Fly shoes too, I have two pairs and really like their slight quirkiness.

Kayleigh, thanks you're such a sweetie. Perhaps I should write a book about Things My Daughters' Say?!

That Girl & Mervat - thanks, and after your votes for the shoes I may well have to buy them now :-)