Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dear Mr Pizza Hut

A few months ago I wrote to you to tell you about our visit to one of your 'restaurants'. You very kindly sent us a £15 voucher for to go towards our next visit, which was OK.

Well, call me stupid but against my better judgement we have just been back again. Now I can see that you're clever. When people - in this case me, my youngest daughter and her friend - come out of the cinema and they're hungry and they can see a Pizza Hut right next door then it'll take a very strong person to physically wrench the children away from the door handle to your place. So in we went.

First of all, we stood by the 'Please wait to be seated' sign for about 5 minutes, while the staff worked hard at avoiding our eye contact. I can't say I blamed them though as the place was heaving and I could only spot 5 waiting staff. Not enough. So, we decided to find our own seats, where we sat for another 10 minutes before being asked who was serving us. That would be no-one then? By this time the children were threatening to gnaw their own arms off so leaving wasn't an option.

Finally our order was taken. Incorrect order arrived. Drinks order didn't arrive. Incorrect drinks arrived. Correct food arrived but missing a couple of items. Correct drinks arrived. Our request for parmesan cheese was met by a look of exasperation and the comment "I've been looking for it all day but haven't seen it." I imagine a small feral parmesan scurrying between tables to avoid capture.

We start playing a game called Who Can Catch the Eye of the Waitress? which was hard because we were dealing with experts here. I mean these guys are so busy that making eye contact with customers must be the kiss of death, because it means they have been acknowledged and expect attention.

Eventually, after what seemed like decades the ice-cream arrived for the girls. But not the spoons. Of course not, that would be too obvious. Smallest daughter had to run and accost one of the waiting staff for spoons, which still resulted in a 5 minute wait.

I know I said last time that we wouldn't be going into one of your Huts again, but this time I really, really mean it. I was going to complain to you again, but after paying the bill and going home I looked at the receipt and suddenly felt better. I had been given our bill but it was missing a couple of items.

A Former Customer


Lisa said...

groan- dont you just HATE paying for bad or no service.
at least karma evened the account out for you.....

lunarossa said...

I'm not putting down in writing what I think of Pizza Hut, because I don't want to be sued!!! But I think unfortunately you can find bad stuff everywhere lately! Ciao. A.

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

Sheesh. I have made that mistake over and over too.
My children only really want to go there for the ice cream factory and every time we go I have to say something because it's broken/there are no toppings/the area is filthy.
Lucky us though, Pizza Express has just opened up opposite!

Kayleigh said...

"I imagine a small feral parmesan scurrying between tables to avoid capture." -- LMAO!!!

You are too funny :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to all of that NS. Our local Pizza Hut is actually ok, but that's because there seem to be enough staff to go round. I have been inso many, however, where there haven't been enough staff and those that are there don't seem to want to be. Worse than that, in the Didsbury branch we visited a few months ago the chocolate fudge cake had not defrosted so I couldn't have any. Don't get me started!

notSupermum said...

Lisa, yes that did help a little bit. It was the least they could do!

Cybill - I think we're going to be stuck with the crap waiting staff for a while :-(

Antonella, I can imagine for an Italian it must be hellish going to a Pizza Hut. May I apologies on behalf of everyone who eats there.

Tara, I've heard that Pizza Express are a little better - let me know what you think.

Kayleigh - aww, thanks :-)

Rosie, the lack of staff is so maddening. It's not as though the food is worth putting up with the bad service is it?

Mervat said...

Poetic justice. Beautiful!

that girl? said...

Yuk... Pizza Hut! They must train their staff at Brewers Fayre places... sounds very familiar!