Sunday, 15 March 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

It's getting warmer. Today I wore a lighter coat because my winter one was far too heavy. Even the lighter coat was taken off after a while.

  • The first signs of spring are showing. I have a beautiful azalea bush outside the window next to my desk. I can see dozens of tightly closed buds on the branches. In May they will bloom into the most fantastic show of brilliant orange flowers.
  • The lighter evenings mean we can walk more often instead of getting in the car for short journeys, just because it's dark.
  • I've started cleaning the house. Every spring I feel the need to go through every room, decluttering and cleaning every surface. I've already taken quite a lot of rubbish to the tip (a lot from the girls' bedrooms...) and have advertised some unwanted items on Freecycle.
  • I've written out of list of projects that I need to do around the house and in our large and unruly garden. It'll give me real satisfaction to cross off the jobs as they are completed.
  • I feel a new sense of optimism and renewal.
  • Life is pretty damn good right now.
  • I'm happy with my lot.
Do you feel the same once the first signs of spring appear?


Anonymous said...

Definitely. Everyone was smiling today, just because the sun was out :)

Kayleigh said...

What a lovely post -- I'm so happy you are enjoying the light and peppy energy of spring :D

I need to get going on my own spring cleanse, tho I am not quite as cheerful about it as you, lol. Still, when it's done I feel good, so it's worth it.

Mervat said...

And to think that in the Southern Hemisphere we are on the exact opposite end of the weather spectrum. Admittedly, we can still go for walks and enjoy our sunny, snow-free winters.

Enjoy the spring and all its wonder!

lunarossa said...

I froze my so-called b--- out the whole Saturday and I was in shock the whole Sat evening! Yesterday was slightly better and today is sunny today. But it is still quite far away from my concept of spring! Clearly a couple of hundreds miles souther make the difference!!! All the best. Ciao. A.

see you there! said...

March is the month of Spring Tease here. Mostly rain with a beautiful sunny day thrown in here and there just to make you think it is over.

Our fruit trees are blossoming tho.


Anonymous said...

Well said! What an uplifting post. Yes, I feel much better when the first signs of spring appear. In fact I'm quite contented with my lot right now.

Lisa said...

we are heading on into Autumn here and its DIVINE!!!

that girl? said...

Most definitely! I love spring. It always fills me with a sense of purpose and tons of enthusiasm. In many ways I prefer it to summer because of the anticipation that comes with it... and all the beautiful pink blossom! We are lucky enough to see two blossom trees from the kitchen window and it reminds me of when my baby girl was born.