Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Film reviewing: It's a tough job but someones gotta do it

Those lovely people at Think Parents (that's you Kerry!) sent me a very welcome present a couple of weeks ago. They sent me and my girlies a free Blu-ray machine, and 4 Blu-ray films to review. Yes really. And what do they want in return for this? Well, they have asked for an honest review of the films, what we think of Blu-ray (viewed on a High Definition TV) as opposed to DVD and I also have to hand over my youngest daughter to work as a slave in the Think Parents offices. OK, I lied about the last bit.

But wait, this means hours of relentless entertainment and popcorn eating. Hours of sitting in the comfort of our own home reviewing free Disney films whilst scoffing Magnums. But, nonetheless, we decided not to shirk our arduous responsibilities and carry on....

The first film we watched was Sleeping Beauty, the 50th Anniversary version with special extras added for Blu-ray only. Small daughter loves this film (we already have it on DVD) and it is a lovely, charming film although it's also 50 years old and while not exactly showing its age, it doesn't have the special effects that children expect these days. Also, to be honest we couldn't really tell the difference between the picture quality on Blu-ray versus DVD. We're giving this film 5 out of 10.

OK, onto High School Musical 3. I'll hand over to Small Daughter who is a HSM aficionado.

"It was really good because the picture was much brighter and clearer than it was on the cinema, and you can see a lot of detail and it's not fuzzy. I loved the film and the music is great."

Even the Teenager-in-waiting has an opinion on this one!

"I'm 12 and I don't usually like High School Musical but it was good because I liked all the action because you could see it really well because it was all so clear. I loved the opening scene. I also like the scene where Troy and Gabriella are dancing on the rooftop because you can see the rain bouncing off the ground clearly. It was magical."

Yep, I'd agree with her. The picture quality on this film was fantastic. From the opening closeup shot of Troy (Zac Efron) playing basketball I was amazed by how clear everything was - the strands of hair, the beads of sweat, his eyelashes.....the colours were brighter, the picture was sharper, everything seemed....well, clearer. We're giving this Blu-ray film 10 out of 10.

We have two further films to review: Wall-E and Bedtime Stories. Don't worry about us, we'll be fine. Just send food parcels to sustain us during the film-fest.

If you're based in the UK and interested in doing some online reviews/questionnaires etc for Think Parents they are very generous with their freebies. Just tell them I sent you....


La Belette Rouge said...

Look at you! Today blogger and tomorrow acclaimed film-reviewer. So cool!

Kathryn said...

I tried to sign up to Think Parents but although I've got 2 boys (11 and 14) they don't want me because I live in Italy :((( - oh well, never mind, will have to get over it!!

notSupermum said...

Ha ha! La belette, it's tough at the top!!

Kathryn, awww that's such a shame! You do have to be UK based though, mi dispiace!

Rebel Mother said...

So it appears its all thumbs up? Thats really good because I've got kids coming out of my ears and I need to entertain them over this trying half term and not have a nervous beakdown!

Many thanks RMx

Lisa said...

hello my darling, just wanted to touch base and say hi- life sounds good with you.blessed be xx

see you there! said...

What fun! I'll bet your girls are getting a kick out of being part of a panel of judges too.


notSupermum said...

Rebel Mother, hope you manage to cope this half-term! I know what it's like to keep them entertained - I'd definitely give the films and the Blu-ray a big thumbs up. Good luck!

Lisa, lovely to hear from you. Hope you are well, x

Darla, they love it! They're taking it very seriously too.

Dan said...

Aha! another Disney blu-ray ambassador type person. I'm determined to track us all down for some reason. i think it's for the same reason that i used to collect stickers as a kid.