Monday, 25 May 2009

Making the blogging world a smaller place

It's official. Bloggers are fabulous people. This week I couldn't post any new items on my blog (my pc was away to be repaired by my little brother - who is, btw, 6'3", 39, single, good looking, straight) but I received two lovely surprises from the blogging community.

On Wednesday a postcard from Sydney, Australia was waiting for me on my return from work. It was from the lovely and very kind Mervat from The Writing Instinct. The card shows some of her favourite parts of Sydney which I would love to see myself one day.

Then the very next day another card arrived, this time from the talented and very creative Darla from Bayside to Mountainside. She regularly travels up to her weekend mountain home in California and this card depicted what she actually sees on those trips from the bay to the mountains.

I'll be sending a card or something similar back to Mervat, and would love to send one to Darla (please let me have your address!).

Thanks again from the three of us, it's so lovely to receive something tangible from a virtual friend.


Maternal Tales said...

Blogging is fab - I was a bit waylaid in coming over to tell you about my award to you - so glad you found it!! xxx

Jane said...

What a lovely idea.

see you there! said...

Isn't it fun to get mail from blogging buddies? I'm send my mailing address privately.