Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My Mission to Find Mr Right: an update

Not good news I'm afraid, but I thought I'd give you a quick update on my recent mission to find Mr Right. The free weekend membership turned out to be a farce. Even though it is run by a very respectable national newspaper it has serious problems with the website which, on first impressions, looked pretty good. However, they didn't approve my main profile until the free membership had run out (hmmm....) and I couldn't browse any suitable profiles for most of the time, although I could for a short period on the first day, not sure why.

Anyway, it has taken 4 emails to them to get my profile deleted, and I won't be splurging on a paying membership based on that experience. Well, not until they get their act sorted.

So, the question is: Should I continue on with my mission via another route? Or just put it on the back burner until things change (don't ask me what)?


La Belette Rouge said...

The title of your blog post today says you are not wanting to put this on the back burner. I say to ask all your friends/family/acquaintances to introduce you to all the eligible bachelors they know. My second suggestion is to do things that you LOVE to do and if you happen to run into a man who is love-worthy while you are doing it then that is frosting on the cake.

Gaynor said...

In my experience, Mr. Right comes along when you are NOT looking...and the more NOT-looking you do, the sooner he comes.
Go out there and have fun...make having fun the issue, not Mr Right. Trust me, I have been there and done that. Sooo many toads out and happy not-hunting!

Katherine said...

I agree with the first comment, I reckon you should go for it. My friend used a few agencies; had a few laughs and, well, it worked and she had fun along the way.

Kayleigh said...

I keep trying to think what I would do if I were single right now. I really think I'd consider some sort of dating service, but I'd have to carefully investigate what ones were reputable and safe (I'm a cop's daughter, I think about that kind of stuff...the stories I could tell you, ugh.)

I guess I'd probably try taking some classes, too -- but not ones typically filled with only women, ones that would apeal to men as well. Perhaps something like photogrpahy or even learning a language? I can't think of any other topics off the top of my head. Oh wait -- what about some sort of writing class? You don't need one but clearly it's an interest (and talent) of yours so maybe you could meet a handsome soon to be best selling author...and if not, no doubt you could become one yourself! Win/win :)

Let's see...I'd also try and join a group, like maybe something political or environmental...even spiritual. Hey, perhaps you could take a meditaiton class since you enjoyed your retreat so much!

I very much like La Belette's suggestion and only wish that we lived in the same country and I knew more single men...uh, I mean for you, of course, not me, lol!

Tho if DH can't remember to take out the trash tonight I may rethink things ;)

Lisa said...

mr right has a way of showing up when it is least expected- i have always believed that if you are meant to meet someone, you could lock yourself inside your house for a year and he would come to the door delivering a parcel.
there is someone for you, some wonderful, but he will only come when the time is right.......

Sunday said...

Don't let that experience stop you from trying another site,I'm with Kayleigh on taking up a class or activity as well still looking on-line. I'd suggest painting as I know you are interested in art, but they tend to be more female in numbers! Languages are always fun, cooking or kayaking? I still think wine appreciation might be draw more males! Pick something fun that you'd enjoy regardless.

Re my date (yes, an internet one!) I met him last night for a glass of wine after work - VERY nice! I don't suscribe to the theory that they turn up when you're not looking - I've given that method years and am still single, I'm definitely having more luck with looking!!!

For what it's worth, I have heard from a psychologist friend that there are quite a lot of doctors and psychologists on the internet as they simply don't meet anyone through work. The man I've just met is both!

Good luck, and keep me posted!

x Sunday

Welsh Girl said...

I have just given up on my THIRD SITE for this dating malarkey. I think it works sometimes but only if you live in the city. If you find out where all the 'Mr Rights' are living then could you send some my way? Having said that your brother sounds rather nice (not for you, obviously!)

getting stuff done said...

go out and start saying 'thanks for your interest, but no thank you I am not interested' to men who chat you up. be determined to stay single as long as you possibly can. enjoy being single - it works wonders.

sallymandy said...

I agree with Belette. Do what makes you happy. You deserve it. xo