Saturday, 27 June 2009


In the morning she takes time to choose her dress
and brushes her freshly washed hair
She applies her make-up and dabs on perfume
Even though she is invisible

Outside sometimes her eyes make contact with others
Sometimes not
No need to talk as she goes about her day
Walking unseen through a group of chatting people

Taking time to choose her goods
and moving quietly past the women
giddy with excitement
Buying shoes and bags for evenings out
that she will not be invited to

Just another day
Making no impact onto her world
No expectations
No invitations
No declarations
of love
because she is invisible


Kayleigh said...


So moving...such a poignant portrayal of a woman on the outside looking in. I've been that woman, we've all probably been that woman at one time or another...but you captured her vividly.


The wife of bold said...

Oh this is a very poignat post, how moving and so beautifully written.

notSupermum said...

Kayleigh, thanks, that means a lot coming from you. I'm an admirer of your work.

The Wife of Bold - thank you, you're very kind.

sallymandy said...

I hope this invisible woman can learn to see herself. Lovely.

Jane said...

Very moving. I once worked on a long abandoned novel called The Invisible Woman about a woman taken for granted by everyone until it was too late.
This is a lovely/heartbreaking poem.

Imogen Lamport said...

That is so sad. I'm sure she's not invisible - nobody is!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

hi, thanks for finding us over at MMM blog.

please come by anytime..and when you feel comfortable and you want to contribute a post or two just shout....
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see you soon

Saz x (fat frumpy and fifty and mad manic mamas)

notSupermum said...

Sallymandy, thanks.

Jane - whatever happened to the novel? Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it.

Imogen, some people are more visible than others don't you think?

Saz, thanks for the invite. I loved the blog when I visited earlier - what a great idea.

Mervat said...

You touched a raw chord with these words. They are simple words that go so deep. But, I hope that woman can one day rip of that thick, asphyxiating invisible suit and let the world see her for the beauty that she is.

Rebel Mother said...

I feel like that all the time! Only noticed when dinner is not ready and all the clothes are dirty!

Lovely post RMxx

La Belette Rouge said...

So sad. I wonder if she is noticed and she just doesn't expect it so it doesn't register when it happens.

Really poignant, Supermum!

Jodi said...

How does one obtain these invisible super powers for a day? That sounds very nice-Jodi

see you there! said...

A beautiful poem. How difficult it is to feel unseen and unacknowledged - not only in love but often in other situations as well.

For the little good it does, I ALWAYS try to make eye contact and smile at people around me be it a sales person or a homeless person on the street.


That Girl said...

When youre small you think it'll be fun to be invisible... not so as we get older. Beautiful words.

Linda said...

What a brilliant post. A friend of mine has just written a book (cough) about feminism - and I contributed about how I felt that women were "invisible" beyond a certain age, up to a point so this has certainly struck a chord with me!