Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My Garden is Like My Body: Update

It's about time for another update on my dual garden and body projects . I was trying to think of a title for these post, but thought I might ask for some suggestions. Any ideas anyone?

Since last week I've been thwarted by some bad weather - it rained on a few days, but I've had other things that have kept me busy on others. However, I have made some progress. At the moment the main work is cutting back some of the overgrown bushes (stop sniggering Cybill...), clearing the pathways and getting rid of rubbish. This is a much bigger project than I anticipated, but I'm enjoying the work and seeing the results of my labour. It's a lovely garden - or at least it will be again - and I like the space and the level of privacy. The garden backs onto woodland which in turn backs onto a park, and the neighbours are shielded in the most part by fencing and outbuildings.

This week, I cleared some more of the borders - I worked for 3 hours one day, yet only made a small inroad into the clearance.
One of the things I did this week was to clear some old flagstones near the trellis and stand an old bench there, which I moved from another part of the garden. It's in a slightly secluded area, and very quiet and is the perfect place to sit and practise my meditations. The plant growing around the trellis is a very fragrant jasmine although it's not yet in flower. The white rose bush in the border has just come into flower and it's really beautiful, but has no scent so I'm planning to buy some old English roses with the double petals and exquisite scents to plant in some of the (soon to be) empty borders.

Just behind the bench, you can see the little blue playhouse which has been my daughters' secret hideaway for years. It's down at the bottom of the garden and slightly hidden away, so they could go down there and make mud pies and as much noise as they wanted. Sadly, it's fallen into disrepair and combined with the fact that they no longer play in it, it will have to be taken down at some stage this year. I'm not looking forward to doing that, and I'm sure it'll bring a tear to the girls' eyes too.

In addition, I've bought some new plants and have spent some time thinking about how best to utilise the space. My priority for the next week is to clear the patio area, and get some colourful plants into pots to brighten the area up.

Progress has been made, and it's going in the right direction. Since last week I've lost 4lb! I'm very pleased with that, especially as I only made some small changes to my diet (fewer snacks in the evening). I squeezed in a few small walks, although I intend to buy some decent 'power walking' shoes this week to make the longer walks more comfortable.
My skin continues to show improvements, as I've continued with the Clinique 3-step program. I'm also trying to drink more water - but why is that so hard? I don't know.
I have a make-up lesson booked for tomorrow afternoon, and I'm looking forward to that.
Priority for next week: increase the level of exercise, and get a haircut. At the moment I have a head of hair in search of a hairstyle - it's a mess.


Jane said...

I am glad to hear that everything in the garden is looking rosy!

Millennium Housewife said...

You know i always think our surroundings reflect our inner life, well done you on all that clearing, inside and out. MH

see you there! said...

The garden bench looks very inviting. I think the combination of Me and My Garden might work your your post titles.

Whatever you call it I get the sense that you are enjoying this change.


Rebel Mother said...

Your garden is fab! Wish mine was half as nice as yours.

Love the secret playhouse. I have many a fond memory of secret huts and mud pies.. such as shame its got to go.


Imogen Lamport said...

3 hours of gardening is great exercise too! Congratulationso n your progress.

getting stuff done said...

yes - you see, gardening is good exercise. Brilliant.

and god I so need a haircut too.

Sunday said...

I am so impressed! Your garden looks beautiful, and I love the mysteriousness of it not being too cleared - love the bench!

Will think about a post title, now that I have a bit more time on my hands!

Walking is great exercise, treat yourself to some good shoes. And don't forget to put some lipstick on before you head out, you never know who you might meet! ;)

Kathryn said...

Good for you!! The garden looks like it's coming on great and you certainly seem to be on the right track with the physical 'overhaul' - and like you, I find drinking all that water the hardest part - where is my discipline when I need it???

lunarossa said...

Hi, you're really doing well, great. With regard to the haircut, I've just seen this on Martin Lewis' Money Tips and thought of you (only because you mentioned your needs of having a new hairstyle!):

"Pick up a copy of News of the World this Sun 28 June (£1) and in its glossy Fabulous magazine you'll find a voucher entitling you to a free haircut or taster facial at posh beauty salon Saks before 26 July.

To book, check if your local salon is participating in the list below and then contact it directly (find the number online at Saks). You must quote the offer '5 Steps To Fabulous' when you call to book as it's only valid with certain stylists on certain days.

The haircut is a normal, full cut and blow dry worth on avg. £35. The facial lasts 30-45 minutes and is worth around £30. Make sure you take the coupon with you on the day to get your discount."

I'm a sucker for freebies! And Saaks is usually a very good hair salon!
Ciao. Antonella

La Belette Rouge said...

A zillion years ago I listened to a tape set by Clarissa Pinkola Estes in which she said to see how you feel about yourself get some plants and see what happens with them. Your gorgeous garden says a lot about you. Lovely and inspiring post.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if both body and garden are doing really well. Enjoy your make-up session. I'm not hugely into make-up but I really enjoyed mine with Clarins and they gave me some excellent tips. It was a huge confidence boost.

Kayleigh said...

I'm so impressed with all you've managed to accomplish, both inside and out, lol! And I really love how you've tied these two "projects" together, too.

You are creating beauty left & right -- go you!

Half Mum Half Biscuit said...

Hi, I've quoted (and credited) a comment of yours over at mine, hope you don't mind. Nice garden!

A Modern Mother said...

Sounds like a great project and I look forward to seeing pics when it is finished. Too bad about the playhouse. Hope you are having better weather now? Keep going, it's the best time of the year for gardens...

Working Mum said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I had to clear ours and start again when we moved in, after it suffered 50 years of neglect. I would kill for something like yours!

Anonymous said...

Good job. I love that you're getting a makeup lesson. Now that shows you're ready to improve yourself. You'll feel great from the outside back in! The garden looks lovely.

sallymandy said...

You know, I really like the title of your post. As someone who has gained 20 lbs in the last two years, it's very easy for me to dislike my body and feel like giving up on it. Your approach feels very comforting and I appreciate it.

Also, my guest blogger was very happy to get your comment today. She's left you a note at my blog.

Linda said...

I think I can join you in the hair in search of a hairstyle malarkey! Look forward to reading more about how brilliantly you are doing - 4lbs off is great. I've "started again" today so fingers crossed this time next week I'll be able to report encouraging progress.

Your blog is bloody brilliant by the way!