Monday, 15 June 2009

My garden is like my body....

Last week I did a post about the flowers in my garden. I realise that I unwittingly fooled some of you into thinking I was a good gardener, and that the flowers were there because of my hours of cultivating and hard work. Not so.

The truth is that my ex-husband was a very keen gardener, in fact when I met him he was a landscape gardener so he spent a lot of time tending and caring for our garden. After he left the garden became a real source of sadness to me, because it was probably the only place we found a common ground and a mutual love of flowers and plants. It was a few years before I could even face spending more than a few minutes out there, and only this year that I've decided it's a project I could take on.

The garden two weeks ago

The photos from the previous post were carefully edited to show the beauty of the flower or shrub, most of which were chosen by me originally and planted and tended by my ex. However, the garden has been neglected over the years and needs a lot of TLC to get it back to its former glory.

I've spent some time over the last two weeks working on bringing the garden back to a manageable state, trying to tidy it up and make it look something like the garden it once was.

It got me thinking that my garden is like my body. After years of neglect, the attractive features are hidden away and no longer presented to their full potential. Underneath it all, there is something there....something that could look quite good once again.

So, here's the plan. Each week I will continue the work on the garden, and in parallel will work on myself too. My efforts will be recorded here.

Since thinking about this plan I've done the following:

Mown the lawn (twice!)
Cut back shrubs and bushes and tidied up some of the border
Bought a new set of garden chairs, cushions and set them out with a table and parasol.
Taken the old garden furniture to the waste tip.

The garden this week

Had my eyebrows waxed, as people were spontaneously singing Werewolf of London to me.
Restarted my diet - again.
Booked a place for a make-up lesson at the Clinique counter in a department store.
Started, and continued, with a morning and evening skin care routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturise, with a weekly skin exfoliation.

I have lots of ideas and plans for both projects, and I'll be detailing my progress each week. I'm open for suggestions on what I should include and any other ideas you have!


Katherine said...

Sounds fantastic...well done you!!! Actually, you've inspired me; I think I need a bit of TLC and a wardrobe update (don't expect me to stop wearing black though! I just don't do colours!)
WV is headex; isn't that a well known brand of painkiller; subliminal messages!!!

Yummy Mummy said...

I think that is an amazing idea. I also thing you should be so proud of yourself for being so damn self aware! I wish you lots of love in both endeavours, and I look forward to seeing the results of each!

getting stuff done said...

vast improvement you have made in the garden. and its a brilliant idea to work on it and yourself. I too will look forward to hearing how both get along. Must say, could do something similar here. a few roots growing through where they shouldn't a bit of cleaning up and a trim.... I have taken some before shots of our garden. no before shots of me though. that would be too much

Anonymous said...

Spooky. Not the garden but the other things. Last year I had a make-up sesson at Clarins and loved it, and I had my eyebrows waxed too, and I did the diet thing!

Kayleigh said...

I just love the idea of your body being a garden, a place deserving of tending and loving care. And you know, even in the most neglected gardens there are often the most beautiful wildflowers :)

Sunday said...

Well done! This is such a fantastic idea, really beautiful in so many ways, on so many levels, and I look forward to following your progress. The garden is such a great place to start, and fantastic that you have underneath it all the bones of a beautiful garden to bring back to life. It will give you so much pleasure AND you'll get fit at the same time!

I am inspired. Good luck, and keep us posted!

x Sunday

lunarossa said...

I think you should spend more time on your body than on your garden! And when you feel better with yourself you can involved your daughters to help you with the garden. You can make it a weekly or fortnightly routine. The garden is nice just cutting the grassa every now and then and then if it grows a bit wild around the borders all the better. Just avoid being stressed. All the best. Ciao. A.

Imogen Lamport said...

That's fabulous work and a great analogy - our garden has gotten overgrown too. Bought a new whipper stripper (strimmer in your language) last week and have managed to get some of the grass under control.

Been pruning madly too.

Also need to do more exercise myself!

La Belette Rouge said...

This is a really beautiful metaphor. I am so happy you are such a tender and loving gardener to both your garden and your self. Really lovely, notSupermum.

see you there! said...

I see this was posted a couple of days ago - are you still keep up with your resolve?

I did get your nice card and did e-mail you (or so I thought) but I'm sending a private message now so be on the lookout.


Jane said...

Thanks for making me smile!

Mervat said...

Good on you and congratulations on all the hard work! I too choose the variety of plant and my hubby has the green thumb. It is his de-stresser especially on Fridays after he has been in an operating theatre all day.

I guess if you start to fall behind on one you can't neglect the other and then you work on both. Does that make sense?

I would love to see a picture of the table, parasol and maybe, just maybe, your eyebrows?

Expat mum said...

Careful - they'll be calling you a Cougar!

notSupermum said...

Katherine, I'm glad you're inspired!

Yummy - thanks, I'm really determined to show major improvements in both areas.

Getting stuff done - ha! I think my before photos would turn people off, so I'll just show the garden instead!

Rosie, I'm looking forward to the make-up lesson because I do the same thing I've been doing since my 20s.

Sunday, thank you for such a lovely comment....awww. I agree with the gardening getting me fitter, I spent 3 hours gardening the other day and really felt it in my arms and legs the next day.

Kayleigh, I'm not sure about being a wildflower....maybe a weed though?

Cybill - welcome back! I just *knew* someone would be crude and mention bush trimming - ha ha!

notSupermum said...

Antonella, I think it's something that I'll enjoy doing - now that I've started the garden it is starting to be great exercise and a good hobby. The teenager-in-waiting has surprised me by wanting to help, and has done some hard work with me this week.

Thanks Imogen, I just bought a strimmer too, and a new lawnmower. I'd much rather have bought a new handbag or clothes though!

La belette, thank you. I'm working on being a loving gardener - at the moment its more like weed control and clearance.

Darla, thanks for the email - so glad it arrived safely. And yes, I'm still maintaining both projects, although the garden is easier to manage!

Jane - you're welcome!

Mervat, I've bought some new plants this week and am planning where they should go once the borders are in order. I'll be posting more photos next week!

Expat Mum - Ha! Not sure if that's something I should feel worried about!

Fiona Erlandsen said...

I love your analogy, and I think you've done really well and so much already. A tip I have and I don't know if it works, but it does for me is that I dry brush my body all over before getting in the shower everyday. My beautician said to me once, god you don't have any cellulite. I have a bit but I think the dry brushing keeps it at bay and gets rid of toxins. Dry brush from body shop, the big really hard bristled one. Circular motions upwards, until the skin tingles - love it!