Saturday, 4 July 2009

Film reviews: Bolt & Beverley Hills Chihuahua

The lovely Kerry from Think Parents sent us more Blu-ray films to watch and as my girls take their role as film reviewers very seriously I'm going to leave the actual reviews to them. I'll just give you the background information for the films.

OK, the first one we watched was Bolt which we'd heard a lot about and were looking forward to watching. The girls were also interested because Miley Cyrus was the voice of Penny, Bolt's owner. John Travolta was the voice of Bolt but they'd never heard of him!

Bolt is a dog who is the star of a TV show and, in a similar vein to The Truman Show, he thinks he really is a superhero dog with special powers. When he gets accidentally shipped to New York he has to find his way home, with the help of a streetwise cat called Mittens and a TV addict hamster.

Now over to the girls.

Small Daughter (aged 9): I felt sorry for Bolt all the way through the film. It's a horrible story for anyone to see. Why would anyone want to see a cute dog being sad? I wanted to see a happy ending and that's the only reason I watched it until the end. I score Bolt 1 out of 10.

Teenager-in-waiting: (aged 12 and three quarters!): I didn't like it. The only good bit was when the cat was teaching Bolt how to beg, then it went rubbish again. There were hardly any happy parts and most of it was sad. My score for Bolt is 2 out of 10.

Oops, that wasn't a popular film in our house. At one point the TiW ran out of the room crying because Bolt was sad. I think this probably says more about my daughters than it does about the film. By the way, the animation on this film combined with the clarity of the Blu-ray was amazing.


This evening we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua which also has a dog as the main character. Chloe - voiced by Drew Barrymore - is the spoilt pet of a rich woman played by Jamie Lee Curtis (who is going grey naturally and looks amazing) . When Chloe goes missing in Mexico she has to find her way home with the help of Delgado an ex-police dog (voiced by Andy Garcia) and various other animals along the way.

Small Daughter: I loved it, and I want one of those puppies. It was good because it had lots of dogs in it and it was funny too. Score: 10 out of 10!

TiW: Loved it! It was a really cute film and had a happy ending. I liked the special effects too. It was better than Bolt because the dog in this film didn't get upset and she learned how to stick up for herself. Score: 9 out of 10.


La Belette Rouge said...

Hey, you forgot to mention that my dog Lily stars in Bolt!;-) We loved Bolt for the happy ending( the sad bits were very hard to watch). That said we are dog crazy and will watch almost anything if a cute dog is in it. We even have Beverly Hills Chihuahua on our Netflix cue.;-)

notSupermum said...

Ha! Listen, La belette everytime we see a white Westie my daughter shouts 'isn't that a Lily-dog?'

I did watch the footage of Beverley Hill Chihuahua very closely for you and Lily too

Jane said...

will have to look out for those. Excellent reviews!

Linda said...

Great reviews!- I need to write up what we thought of Bolt - everyone except me seemed to enjoy it - the 'extras' seemed pretty good but I found the film itself pretty lack-lustre. My daughters thought it was good - but they think *everything* they watch is good!

lunarossa said...

Great reviews! Thank your daughters for the warning about Bolt, I won't get it for my daughter! She cannot stand when pets are suffering or are just sad. We went to see Marley and Me at the cinema and both of us cried in buckets! Hope you're feeling better. Ciao. A.

sallymandy said...

Thanks, SD and TiW, for these reviews. Very well thought out, and I take your word for Bolt. My own TiW (same age) and I have seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua, with the same opinion as both of you. TiW has that song on her iPod.

notSupermum: thank you for your recent visits to my blog. I appreciate you!

see you there! said...

It seems your daughters are enjoying their roles as movie critics. I think that is great.


hanum said...

I just watched this movie last night :D , cool animation, great!