Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Question

Today I went to my local hospital for a chest X-ray. This is the first of several tests and checks I'll be having over the next week following on from my funny turn last week.

While the process of having the X-ray was the same as usual I realised later that the technician had failed to ask me The Question.

Is there any chance you might be pregnant?

It wasn't asked.

Now, there are two things that spring to mind. Either, the technician could sense my prolonged state of celibacy and knew it wasn't possible, or she thought I was past childbearing age.

This puts paid to my hope that in a good light, and with the wind in the right direction I could pass for a few years younger than 48. Clearly, I am deluding myself.

I'm just going to sob into my tea.


Maternal Tales said...

I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I may have laughed a little. I think it was the sobbing into your tea that did it. Please don't hold it against me. I really hope you're ok and I send you huge hugs...and I'm sure you don't look a day over 40... those silly doctors! xxxx

SandyCalico said...

I'm sorry! She must have read your notes and already knew your age? I know, it doesn't help! x

notSupermum said...

Emily/Maternal Tales....go on, laugh, see if I care :-)

Sandy, hello there! Bless you for trying to make me feel better - I appreciate it!

getting stuff done said...

Seriously - they didn't ask me either - and I actually have just gone and had a chest x-ray. Not only that but my doctor failed to mention that part to me as well. I think its a bit out of order actually. I actually didn't go until I had started my period and KNEW full well that I wasn't. But that was only because I am not stupid and knew that it wasn't a good idea, just in case etc etc. And I am 42 and we are trying for another wee bubba. So its not to do with how old you look. Unless they all thought that I look totally past it too!! OH NO!

Iota said...

Or it was just a question of negligence.

I recently had surgery, and they made me take a pregnancy test beforehand. I wanted to point out that if I was in week 1 or 2 of my cycle, I couldn't be pregnant. If I was in week 3 or 4 of my cycle, I might be pregnant but it would be too early to show up on a test. So the test was completely meaningless. But I thought saying that would complicate matters, so I just took the test and kept quiet.

lunarossa said...

Oh dear! Knowing the NHS I think you had an encounter with another totally inefficient NHS employee! That's the simplest reason! Hope your results were fine. Ciao. A.

Kayleigh said...

They didn't has me for my recent bone scan either -- and I had a toddler in tow so clearly at least recently I was fertile (ok, used fertilty treatments but THEY don't know that!)

It's not you, they were negligent, they forgot. In fact, a nurse once told me that if they have any doubt about a woman's child-bearing status they just ask her when her last period was...even if they don't need to know that info the woman's answer will determine whether or not they ask the next question which is "could you be pregnant?"

Oh, and one other time they forgot to ask me that question -- and on the spot I did the math and I actually WAS pregnant (and over 40 too)

Imogen Lamport said...

Just don't go on one of those Ten Years Younger TV shows.

I'm sure she was just busy and forgot.

sallymandy said...

Oh dear. Is it also possible that the technician is a clueless youngster?

A nurse once asked me if I was still ovulating when I was 44. She had my age right in front of her so it wasn't about thinking I looked older. She was just...I don't know. Forgetting some facts?