Friday, 10 July 2009

The Teenager-in-waiting, a fireman and a pair of slippers.

I am a constant embarrassment to the Teenager-in-waiting. I know I am, because she tells me. Often.

I laugh too much. I laugh too loud (especially in the cinema where she refuses to sit next to me). I ask her friends embarrassing questions (Would you like to stay for dinner? What is your favourite subject at school?) I say 'groovy' and 'cool' in front of her friends, which is just Not On. I like to think I use them in an ironic, humorous way - but no, those words are banned.

This week we found another word she doesn't think I should use. As we were driving through town we saw a fire engine parked at the side of the road. Some of the fireman were standing nearby, talking. "Oooh, he's fit" I said, nodding in the direction of one of the older men. "OH MY GOD! Mum, you are so not allowed to say that!" shrieked the TiW, nearly taking out one of my eardrums with the ferocity of her words. "Not allowed to say what?" I asked, knowing full well what the answer was. "Fit!" she shrieked again "You shouldn't be saying that at your age!"

You've got to laugh haven't you?

Today, she was going on a school trip and I packed a lunch and some drinks for her. "Mum, can I have one of those bottles of mineral water in the cupboard, the ones with the sports top". I said she could have one, and then went to get ready to take her to school. I returned to the kitchen to see her emptying the mineral water into the sink, and refilling the bottle with tap water. "What are you doing!?" I said, "that's a new bottle of water". "What?!" came the reply "I'm not drinking mineral water it tastes like poo." Of course.

I dropped the TiW off at the school and instead of returning home as I had planned, I decided to drive into town to do a bit of shopping. In 20 minutes I was parking in a retail park where I knew I could get the items I wanted. Unfortunately, as I stepped out of the car I realised I was still wearing my slippers. Arrghhh!


see you there! said...

"I stepped out of the car I realised I was still wearing my slippers."

All I could think of is, it is too bad the TiW wasn't there to see it. You WILL tell her about it tho of course. Won't you?

Thanks for starting my morning with a big laugh.


La Belette Rouge said...

I imagine that if you said nothing or do nothing you still would embarrass your teenager. I remember dying a 1000 deaths because my mother bought underwear or toilet paper. Remember that teenage brains are not fully cooked. I think knowing that would help understand their insanity.

notSupermum said...

Darla, I know! She would have been, like SO embarrassed! I haven't told her....yet. Glad it made you laugh.

La belette, yes you're right of course. The fact that I breathe the same air as the TiW is embarrassing.

SandyCalico said...

LOL We're they cool, groovy slippers?
Keep up the good work, isn't it a parent's job to embarrass their children?!

Nicola said...

This was so funny. Luckily right now I am still a goddess to my children, right up there with the Jedi and most of the Power Rangers. I rue the day when it all changes, and it is bound to be sooner than I think. Thanks for the big smile - just the thought of you in your slippers makes me really chuckle. And her reaction to your use of the word 'fit'...classic. xx

Anonymous said...

I know just whatcha mean, sigh. Yesterday my 12-year-old princess banished me from the horse stables where I pay a fortune for her to ride...I had to park down the hill and let her walk up alone.

But this a.m., I awoke to find her snuggling me in bed, with her sweet smelling hair and skin under my nose. Deep down I know she's still mine.

getting stuff done said...

my hub - who has an older son too - says that being able to embarrass his son, was a key tool in disciplining him. You ALWAYS have it at your disposal to totally and utterly EMBARASS! it is a powerful skill. use it wisely

lunarossa said...

Oh dear, the slippers! I onece WALKED to school in slipper. Fortunately they're nice Birkenstock and it was not raining! Seems your kids are very similar to mine. My daughter is embarassed when I sing in front of her friends, my son once said that water is only for animals! Hope ypu're having anice weekend! Ciao. A.

Imogen Lamport said...

I once wore mine to work and ended up walking round in my stockings all day!

At least the parental embarressement passes - I used to be the same with my parents.

notSupermum said...

Sandy, yes I take my job of embarrassing my girls very seriously!

Nicola, enjoy your time of being a goddess, it might change! Although my 9 year old still thinks I'm great!

Karen, the TiW still likes her hugs and kisses from me, I think it's just when other people are around that I become this total embarrassment!

notSupermum said...

GSD - I think your husband' right!

Antonella, oh yes - I like to sing in the kitchen when I'm cooking and the TiW is horrified if I do it when her friends are here!

Imogen - I wonder at what age I'll no longer embarrass them? There could be a few years left yet!

Jane said...

Isn't it wonderful to be so young (at heart), so wide and so appreciative of fit firemen. And best of all, still have the ability to embarrass our daughters. Isn't life groovy?

Jane said...

Sorry. I meant wise not wide. LOL

notSupermum said...

Jane, you were right both times - I am wiser AND wider!

Sunday said...

Oh how funny!!! As for TiW comments, I'm afraid it only gets worse, sorry...but I'll let you know when there's light at the end of the tunnel!

As Getting stuff done said, it IS a very handy tool at times! So keep that one up your sleeve! And we all know deep down they love us really! xx