Sunday, 30 August 2009

Disney Blu-ray Film Review: Monsters Inc.

This is the film we were waiting to see on Blu-ray, Monsters Inc - possibly the best children's film of the last 20 years, and definitely our favourite. We've watched it numerous times on DVD, and it's impressive enough - but in Blu-ray, well, it's the perfect film to see in the format. The details on the monsters - particularly Sully's fur, and Mike's skin - is incredible, and the clarity of the picture is good enough for even a philistine like me to notice.

When this film was originally released around 2002, my youngest daughter (who by the way, will now be known as Tall Daughter - she's outgrown the Small) was just turning three, and looked like Boo the character in the film. Whenever she saw posters or advertising for Monsters Inc she would always point at Boo and say 'That's me!'. So cute.

When we heard that Thinkparents were sending us this film, we couldn't wait for it to arrive and when it did we sat down to watch it straightaway. Needless to say, Monsters Inc scored a full 10 out of 10 from all three of us.


lunarossa said...

We watched Monsters Inc. when it first came out in the cinemas. I don't remember it very well but my daughter was about 3 at the time and she adored Boo. She used to have a Boo doll and she took it everywhere. Wouldn't mind watching it again. All the best. Ciao. A.

DolceDreams said...

One of our favourites too!

Linda said...

we are also looking forward to this one - it was the first my daughters saw at the cinema. My God that seems like another lifetime now!