Monday, 10 August 2009

Happiness Is A Warm Greyhound

I make no apologies for writing about my beautiful greyhound dog, Tess. She's only been here for a week and she has melted my heart. What a gorgeous dog, with a wonderfully placid and friendly temperament.

When I was thinking of adopting a retired racing greyhound I was told by the rescue centre that when the dog initially came home it would be very confused and probably quite stressed. Most of these dogs, Tess included, are not used to living in a family home or indeed without other dogs so it can take them some time to settle in. The first few days with Tess were spent making sure she was OK, and getting her into her new routine. The first night she was with us she settled down to sleep really well, but on the second night she wasn't happy and started to howl although she did settle after a little while.

Tess in her favourite sleeping position, with her head on the floor!

Since the third night she has been fine, and now she knows that when I lock the front door and start turning the lights off that it's bedtime, and she goes straight to her bed. What a little sweetie.

And we're beginning to understand one another a little better, I understand some of her signals that she wants to go out and she understands when I tell her 'NO' or 'stay'. She has started being a little playful, loves running around the garden and likes to have her ears rubbed. She's such a lovely, gentle dog and my girls absolutely love her (although they're now away on holiday with their dad so I have Tess all to myself at the moment).

A couple of days ago I was in the garden repotting some plants and tidying the patio area and Tess was lying nearby on the grass, basking in the sun. It gave me a really warm and fuzzy feeling, and now I understand what Imogen - who keeps whippets - means when she says that happiness is a warm dog. She's so right, and I'm so pleased!

If you are thinking of getting a dog, why not consider a greyhound - they make perfect family pets and there are hundreds of them waiting to be rehomed. Contact the Retired Greyhound Trust.


Imogen Lamport said...

Mmmmm, don't they just love to lie in the sun and sunbake!

So glad you're enjoying having a dog - they're great for your health - both mental and physical.

We get all our dogs (always whippets for us) through the local whippet association's rehousing program, which finds new homes for dogs that people can't keep.

Imogen Lamport said...

Oh, and you'll really appreciate your warm greyhound when winter comes along and she sits on your toes - yum! Toasty!

Sunday said...

So glad she's settling in, it's great to have pets around. Walking dogs is also a great way of meeting other people ;) !!

Nicola said...

So glad to hear more about Tess. She looks adorable. I am definitely going to adopt a greyhound in the next couple of years once home and settled. And maybe another rescue of indeterminate breed too. I just can't wait. In the meantime I am just very very envious!

Dan said...

Nice to hear everything ios going well. I've yet to meet a greyhound I didn't like.

notSupermum said...

Imogen, I agree on how good they are for you. Walking Tess is very relaxing, and it does allow time to process thoughts quietly, and think things through without interruption.

Sunday, yes! I'm meeting lots of new people, and in general people with dogs are nice people!

Nicola - I think a rescue dog (or any other animal) is the kindest thing to do. There are so many waiting for new homes.

Dan, thanks. Tess speaks highly of you too!

Audi said...

I always love hearing about dogs; you can post about Tess all you like and I'll keep reading! You've done well to get her into a routine -- dogs really thrive on having a fairly regular schedule.

Kayleigh said...

OMG!!! She's gorgeous, what a lovely dog :) My DD is sooooooo jealous I can't begin to tell you. See, we'd said she could have a dog when she turned 5, but then we had DS instead -- now, mind you, she does love her litle brother but still ;)

I think it's terrific that you chose a greyhound, have heard wonderful things about them. And I adore the name, too :)

Am catching up on your adventures of late but wanted to say a big huge thank you for all your love and support as usual. You are a dear & wonderful friend -- was just commenting on Mervat's blog what I'll say to you, too, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could meet?

In fact, that's not so out of the realm of possibility, DH and I are planning to take a big trip once my treatment ends and I'm well again.....guess where I'd love to go?

Whales! Besides, it's near London, too, right? ;)

notSupermum said...

Audi, from what I'm reading and learning from experience dogs are like children. They like routine and boundaries, and you have to be consistent with them. Of course, Tess is much quieter than my children!

Kayleigh - yay! How fab to see you 'round these parts! Yes, Tess is a darling. Fancy telling DD you'd get her a dog and then offering her a brother instead! Not the same thing K! Was she disappointed?!

And yes, it would be amazing to meet up some day. When you are fully fit again I will be expecting a visit!!

The wife of bold said...

Gald your enjoying your new pet, she sounds lovely. I still think that dogs are more work than babies though...that's what's stopping me from gettign one at the mo.

The Writing Instinct said...

Oh, just reading this has given me a warm fuzzy feeling! Thank you so much for sharing. And enjoy Tess whilst you have her all to yourself!

Laura [What I Like] said...

gorgeous, and he looks so happy to be in your home! That sleeping position of his is very funny...I've never seen a dog do that before.

see you there! said...

You must be having a good time on your own with Tess. I'm sure she's good company. Talk about her all you want!


Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that Tess is settling in. She is relaxing well into her new home, b y the sound of things.

Abby also sleeps that way in her bed. Crazy dogs!!!

notSupermum said...

WoB, well so far Tess has been much easier than a baby! I do know what you mean though, it's such a big commitment to take on a dog.

Mervat, glad you liked hearing about Tess. She has added a new dimension to our family, and it's so nice to have her here.

Laura, thanks for visiting - I've enjoyed looking at your blog too. Yes, it's a strange sleeping position, but seems to work for Tess.

Darla, yes it's lovely to have her to myself, but I think she prefers the house to be a bit noisier - she'll be pleased when the girls get back I'm sure.

Michele, dogs are funny aren't they? Tess's personality is starting to emerge now she's relaxed a bit more, and she's such a sweetheart.

Caroline said...

She's beautiful! My other half's sister has 2 whippets (one rescue and 1 new puppy) and their characters are fantastic especially when we take 2 year old Emily up there to stay.