Tuesday, 6 October 2009

British Mummy Bloggers NW meet at MOSI

Last Sunday I decided to go and meet some fellow bloggers.  Fellow North-west bloggers to be precise. 

Amy from And1moremeans4(who will have to change the title again when she gives birth to the latest addition) had arranged for Silver Cross to sponsor a meet and greet at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, or MOSI to its friends.

I arrived on time and made my way up to the Loft restaurant where the meet was being held, and started looking for likely looking people.  What do a group of bloggers look like?  In fact, what is the term for a group of bloggers?  A post of bloggers?  A web? I don't know, but anyway I recognised Sandy Calico straightaway from her blog photo and so I knew I was in the right place.

It was a bit odd meeting people who were not completely unknown to me, but were in effect strangers.  A bit like meeting a minor celebrity I imagine, you know details of their lives without ever having met. 

We had a nice lunch and a natter before Phil and Larissa from Silver Cross gave us the low down on their new range of prams and soft toys.  The soft toys were lovely, but I have to admit the prams were of little interest to me as I am thankfully past the baby stage.

I took a few photos and with permission from the individual bloggers I'm posting them on here.  Unfortunately, I managed to delete some - don't know how or when - but I clearly remember taking some photos that are no longer on the camera.  Sorry if you're not in these ones then.

A brand new 4 week old baby belonging to All Grown Up
(and yes, I got to hold her for a while!)

Josie, Ant and Kai from Sleep Is For The Weak

Kath, Stu and CJ from Parklover

Amy, Charlie, Jessica, Isabel, Emilia and baby Evelyn from And1moremeans4

Laura and her four blonde girls from The Wife of Bold
(plus CJ from Parklover)

Sandy from Baby Baby was there with her son Presley

Lindy from Squidgyboo was also there, as was Sally Whittle (Who's The Mummy) and her lovely daughter Flea.

It was great to meet everyone! 


Sandy Calico said...

It was lovely to meet you too and thanks for your help with lunch.
I've been waiting to see the photos. As I didn't bring my camera please may I steal the photo of P? xxx

notSupermum said...

Sandy, I'll email it you. It was lovely to meet you too!

Dan said...

I was tempted to come along, but m fear of meeting new people got the better of me. Maybe next time:)

Kath@Parklover said...

Hi, was nice to mmet and hae a chat. Impressed that you have taken a photo of me in which I do not look awful -I am usually doing a wierd smile in photos!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks great. It's nice to put some faces to blog names. Wish I could have been there. Maybe next time (and I'll make Dan come too!)

Maternal Tales said...

Where are the photos of you??? Wish I'd been there, but sadly tis too far! Sounds like you had a fab time. You'll have to come to the London one next time! x

Kathryn said...

I'm feeling left out :(((( all you bloggers are so far away - guess I could hunt some down in Italy.....

notSupermum said...

Dan, it would have been nice to see you there. Hopefully next time then.

Kath, glad you liked the photo. I've enjoyed reading your blog this week - I found a new park this week, great for walking the dog!

Rosie, it'd be great to meet you! Maybe in the not too distant future.

Emily/Maternal Tales - no, no photos of me, I was happy to be behind the camera!

Kathryn, if you can arrange an Italian company to sponsor it I'd happily fly out to Italy to meet you!!

amy said...

it was lovely to meet you and thanks you for coming, i love that picture you took of me and my family do think you could send me it to my email? xx

Fiona said...

Hiya. I am new to blogging on here. I am a north west mummy too and would love to be part of this community if mummy bloggers even though I am still very new to it all.
Great blog BTW

Working Mum said...

Sounded fun. I'm sorry I missed it, but term time is just too busy for me and I had a concert at the Bridgewater Hall that night as well! Maybe the next meet-up will be in the hols and I can meet you all then.