Monday, 5 October 2009

Proof - if proof were needed - that I am indeed An Unfit Mother

The Teenager-in-waiting has been diagnosed with swine flu, and the Tall Daughter - who was sent home from school this morning - is also looking decidedly porcine.  I went to the hospital to collect the Tamiflu medication and was given strict instructions to confine the TiW to her bedroom until the most severe symptoms subside which could take up to five days.

Who said there were no good points to swine flu?

Anyway, the TiW was tucked up in bed with a drink, her mobile phone, the house phone (which has an intercom button on it), a box of tissues, and some magazines.  She also has her laptop, her music centre and a television with a DVD player.

But, horror of horrors, she doesn't have Sky TV in  her bedroom!! 

"...but Mum, I'm going my fave programmes..."

I'm not sure how I'm going to live with the guilt but I'll battle on.  I'm expecting a call from Social Services any minute.  The next 5 days are going to be hard, pray for me.

UPDATE - Even more proof that I'm An Unfit Mother:  the poor TiW is very poorly and really suffering with this horrible swine flu.  She really doesn't feel well, and I'm up and down the stairs every few minutes checking on her. I feel guilty now.  But then that is part of being a mum isn't it?


A Modern Mother said...

Glad you are looking on the bright side. Hope all feel better soon.

What exactly are the symptoms that they have? I know it is coming but not exactly sure what it entails... Are they being sick? And sore throat? Did they take the tamiful OK (I've heard it makes you sick).

see you there! said...

I hear this flu is wicked. I sure home the TiW has a mild case and that you don't get it as well. Who'd be up and down the stairs checking on you? No, you can't succumb.


see you there! said...

That would be "sure HOPE" not home.
Off to find my glasses now.


lunarossa said...

OMG! I'd like to know too what the symptoms are actually like. Especially in children. Wish you a quick and good recovery to your daughters and fingers crossed that you don't get it too! Ciao. A.

Welsh Girl said...

How miserable for the TiW, miserable not to have sky I mean, the swine flu will be as nothing next to that kind of deprivation... Hope she feels ok and that the rest don't tumble down like dominoes with the same.

Anonymous said...

Poor kid. Hope she feels better soon. Hugs to you too!!

notSupermum said...

Susanna, she started to mention that her throat was sore last night and this morning had a little cough, but when I got the call to pick her up from school she was coughing, feeling sick and dizzy and had a very high temperature. She is very weak and is aching all over. She didn't like taking the tamiflu because i believe it has a bitter after-taste.

Darla, thanks - you're right, I really don't want to catch it that would make life very difficult.

Antonella, thanks for your good wishes. I

Welsh Girl - I'm trying to cope with the guilt of her not having Sky TV!

Pip said...

I hope she makes a speedy recovery. Love and best wishes to all of you xx - Pip

Kelloggsville said...

yes - I reckon really unfit mothers don't get the guilt!!! so in a weird twist you come out ok!

PS remote sky sender - they don't cost the earth and can be moved around the house as needs demand. Cheaper than multi-room!
Good luck - hope you stay sane and healthy

La Belette Rouge said...

Guilt is proof that you are a good mother!;-) Hope your girls kick the pigs behind and that they both feel 100% very soon.

Hot Cross Mum said...

Yikes - hope they're both OK. I sent my 4 yr old off to creche recently when he said he was feeling tired and had a headache. Thought he was just messing me around but turns out he had the chicken pox. oops.

Maternal Tales said...

Gosh - you poor things. Have a sore throat right this second - but then I thought we had swine flu a couple of months ago, but then I do like to over-dramatise, so who knows? I really hope it's not too hideous for you all. Hugs and kisses xx

Muddling Along Mummy said...

The guilt is a sign that you are a great Mum - have you got the Sky recordy thing so she can catch up once she's released from quarantine?

Stephanie Baffone said...

Oh, I hope your children are feeling better and better. That damn swine flu made it's way to the other side of the pond, I see. Ugh...
For what it's worth, my vote is you are indeed a FIT mother!

Caroline said...

"Music centre" - now there's an expression I've not heard used in many moons ....!!

Do hope TiW is feeling better soon x

notSupermum said...

Supermom - thanks.

Pip - she's still about the same today, really unwell. Thanks though!

Tessa, it's hard trying to look after her and keeping a safe distance most of the time. Poor thing just wants to be hugged.

Kelloggsville - we do have the recording thingy, so I'm saving all her favourite shows for when she's better.

La Belette, it doesn't help that I'm a catholic too, double the guilt!

Hot Cross Mum - I think we're all guilty of doing that, I sent Tall Daughter into school yesterday thinking she would be ok but she wasn't.

Emily/Maternal Tales - thanks, we're managing Ok so far, just hope I don't get it!

Muddling Along - yes, we have the recorder thingy so she won't suffer too much!

Stephanie - thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Thanks also for your kind words x

Caroline - do you know, I thought that might age me when I wrote it but for the life of me I couldn't think what else to call it! He he...and the TiW says thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope they are both starting to feel better. Apparently it is only bad for three days but I don't actually know how true that is. Chin up!