Thursday, 26 November 2009

Giving Thanks

Although Thanksgiving Day is an American holiday, it doesn't mean us Brits don't have a lot to be thankful for - myself included. I'm thankful for:

  • my two beautiful, healthy daughters.  Real blessings that I hope never to take for granted;

  • my own good health - apart from the dodgy back, that is;

  • good friends, some of whom I have known for 30+ years with hardly a cross word between us;

  • a job I enjoy, and colleagues I consider to be friends;

  • a sense of humour, which gets me through the tough times;

  • the blogosphere - who knew blogging could be so therapeutic and enjoyable?

  • the comfortable life my daughters and I enjoy.  This is real comfort that money cannot buy - but from knowing that we are loved by each other.
Wherever you are, whoever you, are enjoy this day of Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post - I sometimes try to remind myself to think about (and be thankful) for what I've got rather than think about (and moan about) what I haven't - so thankyou for this post

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Sometimes it's easy to forget the things we are grateful for. I know I take too much for granted, at times.

Nicola said...

Happy Thanksgiving Super Super Mum x

Stigmum said...

Thank you so much! I should do something like this myself (though do remember to say thank you for my son and all kinds of people when my head hits the pillow at night!)
Happy Thanksgiving. I hope lots more things tumble into your life that you can be happy for!!

Rebel Mother said...

Absolutely. A smile and a sense of humour is paramount in this life, or we'd all be crying into our teeny tiny lady beards.....

Good post.


notSupermum said...

ourprivateblog - thanks. It's not a bad idea to take stock occasionally is it? Most of us have more than we need to get by.

Rosie - it's so easy to take things for granted, I agree. I think that's particularly hard for my girls, who have so much but don't always recognise how lucky they are.

Nicola - thanks x

Stigmum - thanks for that lovely thought!

Rebel Mother - lol! Erm, some of them are not so teeny tiny!