Saturday, 21 November 2009

Things my daughters cannot do: part one

This post by the fabulous Tessa Scoffs made me laugh out loud, especially as I had had a major tantrum about the very same thing the day before.  It got me thinking about the other simple tasks that seem to have eluded my darling daughters. I'm not talking about making a cordon bleu meal, or shampooing the carpets but simple tasks.  Why can't they:
  • unplug a phone charger from the wall.  They unplug their phones from the charger and leave the charger plugged in - it's a fire hazard, but they still don't get it.   "OMG! Stop nagging me Mum!"
  • put dirty clothes in the laundry basket even though it is right outside their bedroom doors.  Noooo, the bedroom floor is much more suitable.  "I'm waiting till I have a few that need washing?"  What?
  • put the lid back on the jar/milk/butter/toothpaste, etc.  "Uh, give me chance will you?"
  • close a drawer (they seem to have conquered opening them, but the final act of closing is just Too Difficult) "What?  I was going to!!!"
  • hang up their coats.  On a coat peg, not the back of a chair please.  "But I'm going out again..." yeah, tomorrow perhaps?
  • talk instead of shout.  "She/you/they ignore me unless I shout."
  • empty out their school lunch boxes before the contents start to fester.  Oh how we love to find smelly food in them on  a Monday morning...  "It's not my fault, you didn't remind me."  Arggghhhhhhh!
  • put the butter or milk back in the fridge. "I forgot".  Again.
  • Rinse a glass or cup out instead of using a clean one each time they want a drink.  "What, you want me to get, like, germs?"
  • Put their shoes away in - guess what? - the shoe cabinet.  "But I'm going to wear them again!"
Oh, I could go on. And on. And on. 

Is it just me?


Anonymous said...

It is definitely not just you - any chance we were just as bad??? I like to think not but...

Stigmum said...

Nope, it's not just you funny mamma. "Excuse me? Is the living room floor actually the dustbin?"
"Have you ever heard of a dustbin?" These are my most common phrases because I'm still actually just as bad as your daughters:/!

Yummy Mummy said...

All of these could be titled "things my husband cannot do." Their excuse? They are teenagers. His? He's lazy!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Again these are more things my husband can't do - we're facing a mega electricity bill and yet he still won't turn out lights or unplug chargers ... grr

Nicola said...

Very funny! I always remember an interview I saw with Maria Shriver, who said that Arnie ran the house like an army boot camp. Kids got pocket money on a performance basis only. They had set things they were totally responsible for - including DOING their own laundry from the age of 10, amongst many other things - and were paid on what they achieved each week. If clothes/shoes etc were left laying around they were binned. Same with gadgets (ie. removing phone chargers so phones can't be charged if they contravene house rules by leaving it plugged in). It was a funny interview and seemed a little extreme - but at the same time, Maria admitted it was highly effective. And Arnie only needed to bin a couple of much beloved items a couple of times before things magically found themselves put away...

Just a thought!!

kestrel said...

The bit about emptying their lunch boxes is so true. I have found sandwiches black with mould in the plastic lunch packs. I can start a mushroom farm in her room

Rebel Mother said...

Are we living in the same house?

I'm pleased I'm not the only one dealing with this.

You did make me laugh!

Love RMxx

Caroline said...

My son is a little bit young for this (only nine) but I'm sure I've got it coming soon. Trouble is, I can remember saying all those things to my own mother (accompanied with requisite rolling of eyes, no doubt!).

lunarossa said...

I agree with the previous ladies. Your post seems to have been written for my household and of course my kids! So glad I'm reading this as I don't feel alone in my world anymore. Thanks for sharing. Ciao. A. PS Waiting eagerly for Part2!

Anonymous said...

My 16yr old daughter is the best in the world but somehow she can't hang up her coat, put milk back in the fridge, lift the clothes from her bedroom floor, and from all over the house where she sheds things, jewellery, scarves, shoes, school books without me having to tell her to do it. Then she'll do it with no problem, 'sorry mum' but it will never occur to her to do it without having to be told. Never... Could it be hormonal? Her two brothers aren't as bad, in fact the oldest one regularly disappears upstairs with the vacuum cleaner!!