Monday, 28 December 2009

Blu-ray Film Reviews: G Force, Santa Buddies, Snow White, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure

We have a bit of a blu-ray backlog, so instead of the usual one or two we have four film reviews for your delectation. Thanks to Katie at Thinkparents for sending them to us.  Here goes:

The Teenager: It was really, really good.  I thought it would be babyish but it was very funny, and the fur on the guinea pigs was amazing because it looked so real.  There were some funny bits in the pet-shop, and the chubby guinea pig called Hurley was fun.  I liked the Black Eyed Peas soundtrack too. Points: 5 out of 5

Tall Daughter:  The picture quality was really good because everything was so clear.  I like the film it was really good, and the guinea pigs were cute.  The mice and the ferret were cute too.  It was a fun film and I give it 4 out of 5.

Santa Buddies
I watched this with Tall Daughter, but I was ready to turn it off after 15 minutes when I'd had enough of the creepy cute talking dogs.  So, I'll pass this one over to TD.
TD:  It was sooooo cute! I liked it because I love dogs, and they were cute.  I'm going to watch it again with my friends.  It's a nice film for smaller children too. 5 out of 5.  (Did she mention that the dogs were cute?)

Snow White: Diamond Edition
This blu-ray arrived in a package together with a big bag of sweets, popcorn, and assorted party goodies (thanks Katie!).  TD and I watched it together and I was pleasantly surprised by how much we both enjoyed it.  Even though we've seen it before in its DVD format (and infact this was the first film I ever went to see at the cinema in the 60s) the blu-ray version really brought this classic film to life.  This was the original Disney animated film and it has been digitally remastered to great effect. The colours were vibrant and the sound much improved.  I'd forgotten what a charming, innocent film this is to watch.  Highly recommended.

Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure
TD:  It was really, really good. I liked Blaze the little bug, he was cute. The characters were good, I liked Terry who is Tinkerbell's friend and I like all of the girl fairies' powers. The colours of the fairies and the sparkly treasure looked really lovely too.  5 out of 5.

So there you have it:  a classic Disney film, some hideous singing dogs, a beautiful fairy and some guinea pigs. What more could you possibly need?


kestrel said...

G - force was great. I took my daughter and the neighbour kids to the show and i enjoyed it was much. Best part was the mole being a double agent - so logical

Struggler said...

Fun! Thanks for the tips - I'll look out for G-force; even for hubby and me it's nice to see something light and easy once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, as I type this my daughter is watching Tinkerbell. She loves it and refused to turn it off! We saw a review on Single Parent Dad's site and bought it as a result. We might get G-Force next.

bryna said...

cute. i can't wait for my boyfriend's newphews to get old enough to watch.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I haven't seen G - Force but my five-year-old nephew did earlier this year and guess what he got for Christmas? Yep - two Guinea Pigs called Frankie (my dad's name) and Benny a lengthened version of my youngest son's name. Oh and the title of his favourite restaurant!