Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Enough Snow Already!

We've escaped the worst of the snow in the North-west according to the weather forecasts. Only the other day I was reflecting on how the first fall of snow had made everything look so Christmassy, yet it was still easy to get around.


What's actually been happening is a light layer of snow has fallen each day since Friday and during the sub-zero temperatures overnight that innocent little layer has frozen.  Then covered by another layer of snow, and so on.  The end result is several layers of ice and snow.  Treacherous.

Yesterday I decided to brave the roads and go to the bank.  The sky was blue, the snow and ice appeared to be over the worst of it and people were going about their day without major problems.  Whilst I was at the bank, inside a shopping centre, I took a look around a couple of shops and was in there for 30 minutes tops.  When I drove out of the underground carpark I was shocked to find myself driving through heavy snow, with cars sliding on the roads ahead of me.

Fortunately, I got back safely and parked my car on the - sloping - driveway as usual, although it felt quite slippy as I drove up.

Last night, just after I'd changed into my pyjamas (pink polka-dot brushed cotton if you must know, very glam) my neighbour knocked on the door to tell me my car had slid down the driveway and into the road.   What!???

Cue my neighbour and me (still in my pjs) trying to break up the layers of impacted ice with spades, with only limited success.  After driving the car back up we had to put blocks under the wheels to prevent more slippage. 

Last night I hardly slept. I kept jumping out of bed and running to the window to check the car was still on the drive.  It's still there.

Today's planned activities might have to wait until I'm sure I can drive safely.  Just hope we've got enough food in the freezer to keep us going 'cause the cupboards are looking decidedly bare.  Please send food parcels!


TheMadHouse said...

Wow, how scary. We have lots of snow adn ice, our drive and roads are white, icy and very scary, but we will go on!

Stigmum said...

My goodness, gracious, I can only imagine what you're going through. The other night walking on Hampstead Heath beautiful under its white blanket, traffic was a million miles away. Now at my parents' we step out of the house onto an ice rink. My sister has been given strict intructions not to drive over.
Good luck this Christmas supernotSupermum. I hope it's a fantastic fun one easing you gently into a brilliant new year xxx

Yummy Mummy said...

That is super scary. I can relate, we have about a foot plus outside and it will likely be here until April. More is on the way. Since I am dreaming of a white Christmas I'm not ready to complain, but come January 1st I wish someone would come and scoop it all away!

Stay safe and warm (preferably in those jammies :))


Ang (A Mum's Survival Guide) said...

How awful. Thankfully my drive is flat, but that would worry me. Hope the weather improves for you soon.

Nicola said...

So funny that the UK is getting the weather that we suffer in Chicago for at least 3-4 months of the year! The snow/freeze/snow/freeze combo is horrible, isn't it? At least you know it won't last for long in the UK!

notSupermum said...

TheMadHouse - I know it was! Every year I wish I'd bought grit and sand for the drive, and every year I forget. Duh!

Stigmum, the walk on Hampstead Heath sounds fab. I'm only making essential journeys now until it's all thawed. Have a great Christmas, so glad so hear that things are not as dire for you on the housing front.

Yummy Mummy - the UK doesn't get much snow but when we do the whole country comes to a halt!

Ang - hi and thanks for leaving a message. I've managed to drive it back up to the top today which is flatter, so I think it'll be safe tonight thank goodness.

Nicola - well you know us Brits, totally unprepared for any type of extreme weather! The roads are in chaos here.

Kelloggsville said...

Thanks not at all funny. I would have been up all night too.

My theory is if you get a lot of snow its easy to be prepared for it, it you only have some and it is unpredictable, it's much harder (and significantly more expensive/cost efficient) to be prepared for it.

If you had snow predictably 3 months a year you would have grit in and regularly be gritting your drive - as it is *shrug* it's not worth stashing grit at your house :)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I just left a long comment but not sure it posted.
If it didn't have a wonderful Christmas.