Sunday, 17 January 2010

Haiti Disaster

There are some natural disasters that are too horrific for our imagining.  The earthquake in Haiti is one of those disasters and although our instinct is to turn away from anything too distressing, that's also the reason why we mustn't.

I'm no expert of this subject, so I'm going to let you read this news report by the BBC's Mark Doyle who is in Haiti.

"The scene an hour's drive west of Port-au-Prince is apocalyptic. Almost every single building on the road I'm driving on now has been flattened. Reinforced concrete roofs have fallen to the floors below, or have jammed into the ground at crazy angles.

The destruction here is even more dramatic than the dreadful conditions in the capital. People have fled to the surrounding sugarcane fields or into mangrove swamps - anything to get away from the nightmare of the falling buildings.

I've seen a long line of people queuing up at a single working water tap. Tens of thousands are living in the open in church compounds, school playgrounds and marketplaces.

The population here are in profound shock. Many are wearing handkerchiefs over their mouths to keep out the dust and ward of the smell of dead bodies."

Please, if you can, donate towards the aid relief.  There are several ways to do so:

Just Giving:  Bloggers for Haiti

DEC Haiti Appeal

or the Google Disaster Relief page offers several different ways to donate.

Thank you.


ThatGirl39 said...

Its heartbreaking isn't it? It's great to see everyones blogroll with the words Bloggers For Haiti on them. Lets hope the aid gets there as quickly as possible. x

Anonymous said...

It really is awful isn't it. It is good to see so many bloggers trying to help these desperate people. Thank you.

kestrel said...

It was a terrible catastrophe. I saw the news and clips about a 16 month old baby being brought out alive after 2 days in the rubble. I hope more good news is in store.

The Woman who Can said...
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The Woman who Can said...

Well done
Tina x

lunarossa said...

It's devastating! And what's worst journalists seem to be desparate to finding a scoop and they are often hindering the aids...So sad. Ciao. A.