Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Sound of Music on tour

Today we spent a very enjoyable afternoon watching a performance of The Sound of Music at The Palace Theatre in Manchester.  I bought the tickets in July but only told the girls a couple of days ago that we were going to see it, so it was an extra surprise for them over the Christmas holidays.

The star of the show was Connie Fisher who won the part of Maria after winning the BBC programme How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?, and very good she was too.  She sang beautifully but strangely her speaking voice sounded exactly like Julie Andrews', the star of the original 1965 film. Her phrasing was almost identical, and I should know I've seen the film dozens of times!  The film is a favourite of mine and Tall Daughter also used to want to watch it at least once a week when she was a bit younger. Once at school, when she was about 5, she was asked to draw a picture of what she wanted to be when she grew up and drew a picture of a nun!

Captain von Trapp was played by Michael Praed - does anyone remember him as a dashing, but pretty, Robin of Sherwood on TV years ago?  Or as Prince Michael of Moldavia in Dynasty?  Well, ladies, he's scrubs up very well as the strict Captain and has a very pleasant singing voice.  And who knew he would look so good with grey hair too?  Why do men look so much better when they go grey?

The children were also very good, particularly the smallest one, Gretel. 

We really enjoyed the show and the sets were fantastic, transforming from the mountains to the convent to the Von Trapp house in seconds.  All of the famous songs were in there aswell as two new ones, and as usual I got all misty eyed when Captain von Trapp sang Edelweiss.

Apart from the show we had a lot of fun travelling to and from the theatre, and during the interval.  The girls were in a particularly giggly mood and we had a really fun afternoon. I think we'll remember today for a long time to come.

The show moves to Edinburgh later in January, then onto Belfast, Aberdeen, Llandudno, Eastbourne, Woking and finishing at Birmingham in August.  If you enjoyed the film you'll enjoy this show. Recommended.

Photos of Michael Praed as Robin Hood and Capt von Trapp


Kelloggsville said...

Michael Praed as Captain Von Trapp - wow - I have just told hubby to get tickets for Birmingham as my b'day present!

Anonymous said...

A really good review. I love the sound of music, and I'd hate to see a bad version of it. That's interesting about Connie's interpretation; it's very hard taking on an absolute classic, with a version that everyone knows inside out. You either have to faithfully replicate it, or go out on a limb and hope the audience like the new version too. I guess Connie's gone for the former option.

Heather said...

great review. I'm glad to see Connie is still doing it. I watched the something about Maria program last month (our tv out here is somewhat out of sync with the rest of the world) and thought she was great but then read on wikipedia that she was ill and couldn't perform anymore. Good to see her on stage again.

Fashionable Mama said...

I would love to see the show. The BBC series have been on reruns on BBC Entertainment for the past month and my little girl loves it.

She is probably too young to watch it now, but I would have loved to go.

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Sound Of Music, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.