Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Simple pleasures

Some of my simple pleasures:
  • a soft boiled egg with soldiers;
  • hearing a favourite song on the radio;
  • a beautiful sunset viewed from my own back garden;
  • bedtime cuddles with my daughters;
  • getting into a freshly changed bed;
  • taking my shoes off and putting my slippers on after a long day on my feet...ahhhh;
  • a glass of chilled white wine;
  • walking down the country lanes with Tess and taking more notice of the changing seasons;
  • getting a handwritten letter from a friend;
  • hearing someone compliment my daughters on their behaviour or manners;
  • looking at the stars on a clear night;
  • breaking into a new bar of Green and Black's chocolate

These are some of mine...what are yours?