Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pick n Mix

I thought I'd put together a few different things into one post, hence the title Pick n Mix.  Sorry if you thought it might be a competition for sweets!

I went to the post office today to send off my first SecretPost Club package.  I enjoyed choosing the items to send off to my designated blogger, and really hope she enjoys them. I put the things into an old jiffy bag, and because I was short of cellotape I stapled the open edge to seal it.  At the post office I was told by the woman serving me "you can't use staples on anything being sent through the post".  Why?  "In case the postman hurts his finger."  So the woman carefully took out the dangerous staples and resealed it using parcel tape, while I stood shaking my head and thinking 'OMG, has the world gone completely mad?'

Following my post last week about being single since the ice age, I've been quite amused to receive emails from online dating sites offering me free trials of their services.  And this is where I have to make a confession:  I think I've probably joined every dating site in the country at some point over the last few years, and the same thing always happens.  I join...I start receiving emails... I chat, then as soon as a man suggests meeting up...I scarper.  I delete my profile in a panic and cancel my subscription and I reckon I've spent a fair bit of money on wasted memberships over time.  It's this experience which has led me to the conclusion that online dating is just not for me, so thanks but no thanks:  I won't be joining your sites, although I appreciate the offer :-)

Next week I'll be running a competition sponsored by Kia cars, with a very nice prize.  No...hold on, it's not a car but let's put it like this:  I'd like the prize for myself although I'm sadly not allowed to keep it.  Watch this space.

This week I made a date.  With a man.  A builder, in fact.  He's going to start doing my new bathroom on 5th of April, and I'm soooo excited.  Really.  My current bathroom is 'orrible, really 'orrible.  It's old, the tiles have been repainted twice and the paint is now peeling off in big chunks.  The sink leaks and has a bowl underneath to catch the drips, the toilet cistern leaks so there's a jug underneath to catch those drips, the shower is feeble and the bathroom airing cupboard doesn't close properly. The seal round the edge of the perished yonks ago so now when we shower we have to first put a bucket in the middle of the kitchen floor (which is directly underneath) to catch the drips from the bathroom above. Get the picture?  It's not really a place you would want to spend a lot of time. So on the 5th April I will cheering as Stuart the builder knocks the whole thing out and rebuilds it from scratch.  Can't wait.