Friday, 2 April 2010

Some things just need celebrating

First of all I'd like to acknowledge the genius that is Heather from Notes From Lapland.  She started the Secret Post Club a couple of months ago, where bloggers are allocated a blogger to send a gift to.  Or as Heather says, a bloggy gift swap.  So simple, but such a brilliant idea.  This was the first month I participated, and I had a lot of fun choosing appropriate items to send to my designated blogger.  I, in turn, received a gift from Very Bored In Catalunya who had chosen local items to send to me, and very touchingly had also made a washbag for my new bathroom.  How fab is that? Just look at the goodies she sent to me: 

there's a packet of Spanish drinking chocolate, the washbag, a gorgeous little olive dish which miraculously arrived in one piece, and a box containing three sachets of authentic paella seasoning.  I've only ever tried to cook paella once before but will be giving it another go with one of these little babies.  Thank you so much, Very Bored, you're an absolute star.

I've just received my blogger's name for April, and armed with her likes and dislikes I'm already planning what to put in her secret package. 

There's been a lot of excitement - and what seems like equal amounts of debate - about the newly launched MAD Awards. These Mummy and Daddy blogging awards have ten different categories of award, each with a prize for the winner.  I know some bloggers have been concerned about the competitive side of awards, and are not sure whether they're a good or a bad thing, and I can understand that point of view. I've even had some doubts myself, but I'd like to think that in this case, particularly as the MADs was launched by some very established bloggers, it will be a celebration of blogging rather than a competition.

I've already made my nominations, and I wish everyone the very best of luck!