Friday, 28 May 2010

Last week the very lovely and glamorous Forty Not Out announced that she had bought the domain name of her blog and it was now a site.  She loves labels y'see, so she just had to have it.

Now, don't get me wrong I'm not normally a copycat but I was possessed by a sudden desire to hang onto Forty's coat-tails in a desperate bid to catch some of her glamour, even though I wouldn't know my Prada from my Primark.  My usual style is one of caution, I mean I'm the sort of person who doesn't buy anything until I've researched, checked and analysed, but no sooner was I reading her account of how she bought the domain than I was buying my own. 

Of course, Forty Not Out had explained how simple the whole process was and I imagined her tapping away on the keyboard with perfectly manicured nails and a glass of Veuve on one side.  It was all so easy.

Except my experience was slightly different.  No sooner had I bought my domain name ~ ~ than things started to go wrong.  Have you ever seen one of those clown cars where all the wheels fall off?  Well, that was my blog the other day.  I lost my blogroll, my followers, and most upsetting of all, my comments.  Every single comment that had been left on the Disqus comment system was no longer recognised by my new domain - or was it t'other way round - and I was left with a big fat zero.

Disqus Help have been very helpful but said they are working on a 'fix' to allow comment migration but it won't be available for another month or so.  So please accept my apologies if you took the time to compose and write out a carefully worded comment recently - they will return, just not right away.  I've managed to reinstall my followers but my blogroll is still a work in progress. And so far, apart from the shorter blog address, I have yet to learn about any other advantages to buying the domain name - does anyone know the main advantages?

You may also need to adjust your Google reader although Blogger assure me that after a three-day transition period, regular readers should still be able to find me through their usual methods.

Thanks for staying with me!