Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another sports day, another disappointment

As another school year comes to a close we have the annual events of  sports day and parents' evening. As usual I attend the parents' evening on my own, and always try to get time off work to be at the sports day.  This morning's sports day was held in bright sunshine and I got to see Tall Daughter take part in several races and even though she didn't win she looked like she was enjoying herself.

But along with these events comes the usual upset for TD when she asks her Dad if he will also try and attend. It breaks my heart to see her so upset, but she always hopes he will come. In the whole of her school career to date (and she is now 10 years old) he has never attended a sports day or parents evening - although once he said he would come to the parents' evening and we waited for him at the school for an hour before realising he had 'forgotten'. This year she asked him if he could come and once again she was disappointed.

She told me she had 'phoned him last week "to give him plenty of notice, because he said if he knew in advance he would try and come".

I asked her what he had said.

"Oh, he said he had a list of priorities from A to Z and he just couldn't find time to fit them in."

I said I was sorry, but maybe next year would be better.

She looked thoughtful.  "Hmm.  Where do you think I come on his list Mum?  I think I might be around T."

I wish I could make things better for her.