Sunday, 6 June 2010

Film reviews: District 9 & Have You Heard about The Morgans?

I had this copy of District 9 for a while before watching it and I kept putting it off for two reasons: 1) I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi films although I liked ET and Close Encounters; and 2) I don't like scary films, and this looked scary to me.

But I'm so glad I decided to watch it because it really is a very good film. The first part is shot with a hand-held camera to give the effect of a documentary and it does feel very realistic. This is Sony's synopsis of the film:

"With stunning special effects and gritty realism, the film plunges us into a world where the aliens have landed... only to be exiled to a slum on the fringes of Johannesburg. Now, one lone human discovers the mysterious secret of the extraterrestrial weapon technology. Hunted and hounded through the bizarre back alleys of an alien shantytown, he will discover what it means to be the ultimate outsider on your own planet."

I was gripped by this film. It's such an original concept, I doubt you'll have seen anything similar and the realistic way it was shot adds to the effects. Incidentally, it wasn't scary although there are some fairly gruesome scenes but is is rated 15 for that reason. It's also one of those films that stays with you and really makes you think about it long after it has finished. Highly recommended.

Did You Hear about The Morgans?
If I'd heard about them I wouldn't have watched this film.  On paper this should have been just my cup of tea; I love romcoms and I like Sarah Jessica Parker. Sadly it didn't work because it wasn't funny, the plot was ridiculous and there was absolutely no chemistry between the two leads - SJP and the way-past-his-sell-by-date Hugh Grant, who is still playing the same character he did in Four Weddings and Notting Hill.  (Note to Hugh:  you're too old, move on.) The best part of the film was when I left the room to make a phone call, have a cup of tea and load the dishwasher before returning to see the final five minutes and the credits rolling.

But hey, what do I know.  Here's Sony's description of the film:
Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker star in this delightful, heartwarming comedy about finding love in the most unexpected places. Two successful New Yorkers, Paul (Grant) and Meryl (Parker), are at their wits’ end on how to fix their strained marriage.

But when they become the only witnesses to a brutal murder, the police hide them away in Wyoming – together. Now these diehard city dwellers will have to survive the weather, bears, fresh air, and forced time with one another if they want to make it out alive. Co-starring Mary Steenburgen, Sam Elliott, and Elisabeth Moss, Did You Hear About The Morgans? is a genuine and funny adventure that will have you falling in love again and again.
You can watch the trailer here.

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