Monday, 21 June 2010

Hey Fatty Bum Bum

One of the disadvantages of being a single parent is that there are very few photos of me.  Our little family of three means that I am usually behind the camera while I take pictures of my beautiful girls for posterity.

One of the advantages of being a fat single parent is that there are very few photos of me.  I have managed, over the past 7 years or so, to avoid having my photo taken very often.  And if they do get taken it is under my instruction - "just wait till I lift my chins up" - and I get to delete all of the pics I don't like. (Usually most of them)  This means that I've been able to remain in denial about just how big I have become. 

Until now that is.

On our recent jaunt to Los Angeles there was a major problem.  All of the other families had cameras and they weren't afraid to use them, and some even went as far as insisting on group photos! And the horror doesn't stop there, because not only did they take photos of everyone in the group - me included - but they have been posted on Facebook.......

Imagine the horror of seeing yourself properly through someone else's eyes and several times over.  *shudders*

One of the photos was taken at the 20-strong group's breakfast table, with lots of smiling faces and mountains of yummy food, but what appears to be a marquee erected at the end of the table is, in fact, me wearing a white outfit.

In another,  taken late on after a busy day and couple of glasses of wine, my face appears to have taken on the look and texture of a slightly deflated lilo.

I kid you not. 

So, the problem is simple:  I am a big fat blogger.

The answer is not so simple: I need to lose humongous amounts of weight.  It's going to take me a long time, but in the meantime I have decided not to buy any more clothes.  I cannot go on buying bigger and bigger sizes and avoiding the truth.  Plus, I am having more and more health issues related to obesity, and my daughters are worried about me.

This is Day One of I don't know how many days before I reach a healthy weight.  Wish me luck.