Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My first ever organic veg box

On Bank Holiday Monday we spent the day at a local horse show, and one of the exhibitors was an organic veg delivery company.  I've always wanted to get a delivery of fresh organic fruit and veg delivered to my door, but none of them delivered in my area but Riverford do. 

So after talking to Big Al the Veg Man I ordered my first box of fruit and veg, as well as milk and eggs.  I only ever buy organic dairy products so it's a real bonus to get these delivered too, and the milk (unlike most supermarket milk these days) is unhomogenised which means there is cream on the top of the milk. 

In the photo you can see blueberries (which I had to prise out of my daughter's hand and she'd already eaten quite a few); vine tomatoes; mushrooms - just look at those beauties; onions; chard (in the bag) plus underneath is about a dozen apples and a dozen satsumas.  All organic. I was also given a pack of leaflets with recipe ideas and storage instructions, and the service so far has been excellent.  I can change my order week by week, and cancel when necessary.  But so far, I'm really pleased to have found Riverford, my only concern is that we're not going to use it all up, so I'm going to do a meal plan to make sure we do.  I know the fruit will be eaten, but I don't usually buy chard - even though I love it.  I'll let you know how I get on, but any recipe ideas would be much appreciated!