Saturday, 5 June 2010

We're going to Los Angeles!!

This time next week the three of us ~ me and my gorgeous girlies ~ will be in LA.  Los Angeles. The city of angels.

I can't believe I actually typed that last bit.  But it's true you see, because we've been invited by Xbox to attend the E3 Expo next weekend, and in order to do that we're being flown out there for five days.  Five days!!   And not only that, but just look at the hotel we're going to be staying at!  Just look at it. Have a look around the bedrooms!  And the hotel is actually, literally on the beach. OMG!

This has all come about because of my very own fairy godmother, Kerry at Digital Outlook. It was through her that we were recently sent an Xbox Elite to use and review, and lo and behold it has led to this amazing opportunity! We've been asked us to attend E3 as part of our roles as Xbox Ambassadors- along with 3 others bloggers who may or may not make themselves known to you.

I had been intending to keep this quiet until the day before we fly out but I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer!  Kerry has been keeping us up to date with other planned activities while we're there too, and I won't spoil it by saying what they are but needless to say we are mega-excited!  In fact we're so excited I'm finding it hard to write without needing to put an exclamation mark at the end of each sentence! The only real danger is the girls are so incredibly excited they may spontaneously combust  before we actually fly out on Thursday.  I'm keeping a bucket of water handy just in case.

But it won't be all fun and games y'know.  Oh no.  Kerry has told us we'll be expected to blog about the trip while we're away.  What a slave driver.  But don't worry about me, I'll soldier on ~ it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

Watch this space!