Friday, 11 June 2010

We're in LA ~ yeah baby!

We've arrived in LA after a very long day travelling, and a big delay at the US customs when they could only muster 4 customs officers to deal with three plane loads of people entering the country.  You'd think they'd be expecting visitors at an airport wouldn't you?

Anyway, everything was forgotten when we were met by the lovely Kerry and whisked off to our fab hotel.  More of that later, but needless to say we're still trying to adjust to the time difference.  After arriving exhausted at 10pm local time, we've been wide awake since 5am and the girls have been completely over-the-top hyper.  I'm expecting a phonecall any minute from someone complaining about the noise level coming from our room!  Oh, hang on, they've now decided to use the (massive) bed as a trampoline...

Later this morning we're off to visit Disneyland - the LA version which is smaller than the one in Orlando, but as Americans don't really do small I'm still expecting it to be fantastic.

So it's time for another shower - in the walk in shower with three heads - or should I try the huge jacuzzi bath which all three of us could comfortably fit into?  Decisions, decisions....

See you later!