Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Big Momma Challenge: week 4

Last week I was ill but still managed to lose over 3lbs. This week I was struck down again but this time with something much more deadly ~ complacency. Yes folks, it got me and I have suffered as a result of it.

Let's have a look at how I got on with last week's targets:

a further 3lbs weight loss; no loss this week because I managed to gain 1¼lbs, which reduces my total weight loss to 8¾lbs. *hangs head in shame* Why did I gain weight? Well let's look at the evidence:

to walk an average of 80 minutes a day; I actually did okay with the walking although I didn't increase the amount of walking time, instead I decided to increase the pace.  Instead of my usual 50 minute walk at a steady pace I started doing the same walk at a brisk pace and over the week managed to get the walk done in under 35 minutes most days with my best time being 32 minutes.  I pleased with that, although I need to get out more if weather permits.

to finally get on my bike; no, did I hell as like. The bike remains untouched by human hands.

to do at least one other form of exercise. No, and I can give you a very good reason why. I'm a lazy arse.
The biggest problem for me this week was my weakness for snacking. But I did gain some insight into one of my definite food triggers - alcohol.  I only have to have one glass of wine and I immediately start scoffing anything that isn't nailed down, usually crisps.  Obviously that's not my only trigger, because I haven't got this fat without just overeating generally but this was a useful lesson for me this week. Have you figured out what your food triggers are yet?
So, the complacency set in much earlier than I expected and I suffered as a result.  My own fault, I know, but I'm not going to let it deter me.  I have so much weight to lose I can't afford to do this again.  I'm going to give myself a kick up my own backside and get on with it.
Okay, I'm going to set targets for this week:
  • at least 3lbs loss;
  • to get that bloody bike out of the bike shed;
  • to do one of my unused exercise DVDs;
  • to get rid of any clothes that are now too big for me (there are a couple of things already!) or are unflattering (The Teenager is going to help with that).
If you'd like to join the other bloggers who are doing the Big Momma Challenge please feel free to jump in! Just add the logo to your weekly update and link in to this post during the week.  Good luck everyone!