Saturday, 17 July 2010

My most brilliant and witty blog posts

Sometimes I write the most fantastic blog posts.  Really, they're bloody brilliant they are. They're witty and interesting, they're thought-provoking and relevant.  They're so good I really impress myself.  Unfortunately you can't read them because they're all in my head.

Y'see I write the best blog posts when I'm out walking my loyal hound Tessie.  As she gallops over the fields my mind drifts off to a subject I want to write about.  I can think of the opening line (always hard for me), I can easily imagine the best image to use and the title is just so obvious.

As we walk along and Tessie chases squirrels to her heart's content, I am quietly amazed by my writing skills.  I chuckle to myself at the little humorous touches I'll use, and nod sagely as the words come to me - it's all so easy.

When we get home I immediately make a cup of tea and settle down in front of the pc to amaze you all with my erudition.  My hands are poised over the keys to capture all the amazing lines I'd thought of, and...... nothing.  Not a single word of that brilliant, brilliant post remains.  Where'd it go?

I look at Tessie for some inspiration, but she looks at me with  a look of....what is it? Yeah...almost pity.  She's a wise one that dog.

Image from Geek and Poke via Flickr