Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ten Things About Me? How about six?

Kayleigh from Fashionably Later tagged me with a great meme back in May, but it has been on the back burner while I tried to think of ten things that wouldn't make you lapse into a coma from boredom.  Okay then, here goes.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. I don't have pieced ears and never will have. Nope. Not me. Why? Because I have an ear phobia.  I can't bear it if people put earrings in when I'm around, it actually makes me feel queasy.  I would prefer it if my girls never got their ears pierced but The Teenager had hers pierced recently (her Dad took her) and I have to remind her not to leave her earrings lying around in the bathroom.   Urghh. Even the children at school know better than to ask me to help them with earrings, I heard a girl say recently say "don't ask Miss, she doesn't do ears."

2. I like hairy men, as in body hair - chest, back, etc. Sorry if that's TMI! I also quite like bald men.  So if you're a tall, bald yet hairy single man, get in touch. OMG, I can't believe I'm telling the blogosphere my penchant for hairy men....

3. Since I was a small girl I have loved watching film musicals.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; the Sound of Music; West Side Story; On The Town; White Christmas and so on.  But my favourite film star and song and dance man has always been Gene Kelly.  So any film with him in it is a winner in my books.  My earliest memory of Gene Kelly is in a film called The Pirate, which I recently managed to find on DVD.  Bliss.

4. My favourite tipple is either white wine or a good quality cider.  In fact, I think I'm beginning to prefer cider more these days but when I say a good quality cider I want it to taste like actual cider and not just be strong enough to take the roof of my mouth off.  P.s. During the course of researching this bit, I accidentally bought a case of cider from Westons. Oops.

5. I hate McDonalds. Hate, hate, hate. It would take me too long to go into detail about why, but I dislike their attempt at world domination; the insidious advertising to small children (nursery visits from Ronald McDonald anyone?) the plastic tasting food; and the whole ethos of churning out junk food to the masses. When the Teenager was a toddler I didn't want to take her to get a Silly Meal so I told her that Ronald McDonald ate children. Did I mention how evil I am? It worked for a while until she got wise to it. Drat that clever girl. However, I've still managed to avoid taking the girls there and have compromised by getting a meal thrown out of the window (as they liked to call the Drive Thru when they were little.) far that's only five things, and I'm struggling....erm...

One of my favourite types of music to listen to is by the artist musician and composer Mícheal ó Súilleabháin.  I'm not completely sure how to describe it but I'd say it's a traditional Irish classical sound.  I first heard his music on TV many years ago and as a fan of all things Irish I was immediately struck by the romance and emotion in his music.  I have a collection of CDs by ó Súilleabháin which I like to listen to when I'm alone and relaxing and feeling nostalgic for Ireland.  I struggled to find any pieces by him to share, but this is a particularly beautiful piece:

I tried to get to ten, honestly I did, but after struggling to get to six I thought that was punishment enough for all of us.

If you fancy having a go yourself - and believe me it's harder than it looks, just link back to here so I can read your list.  Thanks!