Sunday, 11 July 2010

Who would you put on the naughty step?

I've been tagged by Liz from Living with Kids with a fun meme about who you would choose to put on the naughty step.  Y'know, someone who needs a bit of time out to think about their behaviour.

I had a good think about this, and although several names popped into my head the one that kept coming back to me was the England Football team.  And that includes the £5m a year coach.  By the way, I bet you've never seen Postman Pat and Signore Capelli in the same room have you? 

On the day of the World Cup final it seems fitting to tell this bunch of big girls' blouses that they're paid obscene amounts of money to kick a ball around a field - and they're rubbish at it! I'm bored of their petulant behaviour, and hearing about their WAGs, their exotic holidays and their flashy lifestyles.  Because when it comes down to it they just don't deserve the money or the adulation. I think they need a major pay cut - (performance related pay similar to a factory worker seems like a good idea to me) a kick up the backside and some time on the naughty step to reflect on how they've let this country down. 

Phew. That feels better.  And I'm not even a football fan.

I'm passing this on to the following bloggers/tweeters: Very Bored in Catalunya; Forty Not Out; Chez Aspie; @StellaF; @carolinemathews Have fun!