Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Big Momma Challenge: week 7

Wow, it's week 7 already! 

I hope everyone has had a good week, although I acknowledge that the summer holidays is a difficult time to make healthy choices all of the time - there are too many temptations in the form of ice-cream, barbecues, picnics, weddings and holidays.  There were a few comments last week about how much easier it will be come September when the children are back at school and we can return to our normal routines.  I agree - but this challenge is about making changes in the long term, so we also have to negotiate those tricky times and figure out how we can include them in our lives without going OTT. 

This week I had a weight loss of ¾lb.  Not great, especially as I managed to lose the same amount last week when I was on holiday, hmmm.  But I know exactly why I only lost that small amount - we had some lovely friends over for lunch on Thursday and they forced me to eat cake. Lots of it. But thankfully there was some carrot cake, so I could include it in my 5-a-day :-)

If I had lost ¾lb but was expecting to lose more then I might be puzzled, but I  know the reason for the small weight loss - I troughed all day Thursday and most of Friday.  So, a small loss in weight but a great time with my friends.  I call that a result.

However ~ I really need to up my game this week.  So far, seven weeks in I've lost a total of 12lb therefore averaging under 2lb per week.  I'd like to be losing between 2-3lbs each week as I still have 58lbs to lose and if I lose it at a rate of 2lbs per week it will take me another 29 weeks to reach my target weight.  If I can lose 3lb per week it will only take me just over 19 weeks, which sounds much better to me.

I mentioned in week 2 that I wouldn't buy any new clothes until I'd had a significant weight loss.  I don't know what significant means, but it will probably be when nothing fits me anymore.  Oh happy day! It's been quite hard sticking to that resolution but I haven't included shoes, accessories and underwear in the clothing ban.  So today I treated myself to some new shoes and some decent underpinnings.  A decent bra can make quite a difference to your silhouette can't it? 

I also had a look at the Betty Jackson: Black clothing range in Debenhams and fell in love with several items, so when I reach that significant weight loss I'm heading straight back to Debenhams and the Betty Jackson section.  This grey cowl dress is very me, but I rarely wear dresses nowadays - don't know why but I'm going to remedy that soon.

My targets for this week are to lose 2-3lbs, increase my amount of exercise and to start a proper skin care routine.  I'm including the skin care routine because for me, this is not only about getting fit but about looking after myself and taking care of my skin is something I always mean to do, but somehow never find the time to do everyday.

Good luck to everyone else following the challenge - and if you're new and fancy joining in, you don't need to ask - just add your link below and let us know what your targets are and how you do during the week.