Monday, 2 August 2010

Did that really just happen?

I'm writing this in a state of confusion.

Earlier this morning, just as I came back from my first power walk of the day (as part of my healthy living, Big Momma challenge) there was a knock at the door.  It was the tree surgeon who I'd previously rang and asked to take a look at some overgrown trees and bushes in the back garden.

He stood on the doorstep in his checked shirt looking for all the world like a farmer.  He had nice, kind eyes I noticed. And suddenly I realised I was in my jogging clothes, feeling very sweaty and unkempt.

In the back garden he took a look 'round and told me what needed doing.  A lot of work in other words.  And a lot of money.  We talked, I haggled, he smiled and stroked his chin.  Then we struck a deal.

He got on with the work straightaway and within the hour the unwanted conifer was no more and the three giant buddleias had also gone.  I made him a cup of coffee and that was when it happened.

He told me his name, which  I thought was quite charming and belonged to a bygone age.  Think Harold, Percy and Alfred and that's the generation of names his belongs to. He chatted about this and that and then asked me about myself.  Was I married? He wasn't. What did I like to drink?  He liked a cold beer. Where did I like to go? 

I could feel myself feeling a little uncomfortable, but wasn't sure why.  He was friendly enough, quite attractive in a ruddy-cheeked sort of way. And then something started to dawn on me...

Was he, no he couldn't be..could he?   Was he....flirting with me?  No, surely not? Why on earth would he?

I could feel myself flushing and getting even hotter and muttering something about the warm weather. 

I rushed inside to sort his payment out, and we said goodbye.  Although he's coming back in a couple of weeks to take two more trees away.  And suddenly I feel nervous and slightly foolish.  This is out of my comfort zone.  And even worse, what if I'm completely wrong? Maybe he talks to everyone like that?  He's the friendly type. And anyway, does it even matter? Nothing's going to come of it.  So why am I so confused?

Seven years on your own does funny things to your mind I've discovered.