Friday, 6 August 2010

My granny would be so proud ~ I'm finally an -ologist.

In the 1980s  there was a very popular series of adverts for BT featuring the actress Maureen Lipman.  One of the funniest was this one (bear with me, I'll get to the point in a minute):

So, a couple of days ago I was contacted via Twitter by ToysRus to ask if I would like to be a Toyologist? Like? I'd love to - now I finally have an -ology!

There's now a shiny new badge on the sidebar of my blog, and we've been invited to meet all of the other Toyologists soon at a tea party.  I can't wait to meet the other families and to pick up our first lot of goodies.  I'm curious to know what my girls will be asked to test as they seem to be quite a lot older than the other children.  I even check with ToysRUs that they knew my girls were 10 and 13 and asked if we still qualify, which happily we do.

This is the press release from my spokesperson Geoffrey Giraffe:

Toys R Us selected a number of Digital Mums from across the UK to drive their online social media activity. It’s a new programme called “Toys R Us Toyologists”. We’re a mixture of stay-at-home mums, working mums, full time lawyers and more, but all of us are mums who are active within the blogosphere and social media space.

We are being given toys to try out with our kids, to review, and have been asked to share our experiences, which hopefully you will enjoy reading about!

Geoffrey Giraffe also has his own Facebook page where you will be able to catch up with the latest news from ToysRus. And us Toyologists will be working our fingers to be bone *cough* to bring you the latest toy reviews. Don't worry, we'll be okay.