Monday, 9 August 2010

The perfect holiday

We're on holiday in Wales this week. Or to be more precise we're on the Llyn Peninsula which is a beautiful part of the world.

This is the sixth year running that we've holidayed in this area, and the fifth year staying at the same farm cottage which I found quite by chance on the internet, and which has now become our holiday home-from-home.  The girls love it here, especially as they have made firm friends with the children of the two other families who stay here at the same time.  Each year we ensure that we book for the same week the following year, which means the children - or should I say teenagers - get to spend lots of time together.  We even visit the same beach on sunny days, and the children play beach games together, surf, talk and enjoy their summer. 

Our favourite beach in this area - although there are plenty of beautiful places to choose from - is Porth Oer.  It's popularly known as Whistling Sands, so-called because of the distinctive whistling sound the sand makes underfoot.  It's a cove reached by walking down a very steep path which puts some people off, but it also means that the beach never gets crowded.  Today was a bit breezy - not a problem for us - but just look at how quiet it was on the beach today:

This is where we set down for the day
Notice the lack of clouds
This was at 2pm - not exactly crowded!

As I looked around the beach I heard myself saying "this is perfect". And it was.