Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Big Momma Challenge Week 12

Whoa!  It's week 12 already - where has the time gone?  I'm quite proud of the fact that I'm still going after this long and I'm determined to see this through.

This week I lost just ¾lb, which isn't great (I wanted to lose 2-3lbs) but it's still a loss and brings my total loss to 17lbs so far.  However, if I want to get to my total weight loss target of 70lbs it'll take me forever if I'm only losing such a small amount each week. 

So...this week I have to get my backside into gear and get this weight off! I've looked at my calender and figured out that it's 9 weeks until my birthday.  If I can lose 2lb a week until then I'll have lost another 18lbs which would be fantastic.  Knowing that has really got me thinking about how I'll look at that stage, and I'll also be halfway to my final target.

Another thing that happened this week is that I tried on some of the unworn clothes from my wardrobe - the clothes that I've bought but never worn because I was too big.  Now I can get into some of them but when I tried them on they looked, well, frumpy.  It made me realise that I've been trying to disguise my shape with shapeless clothes. An interesting strategy!  That means that instead of having lots of clothes to wear as I gradually lose weight I'm going to have to rethink the way I dress.  So some of those clothes will be heading to a charity shop this week and I'll be planning to buy some essential key items to keep me going.

Please feel free to join in - the idea of the challenge is to change my eating habits and adopt a new, healthier lifestyle.  I'm not calling it a diet because I don't do well on diets, and I need to choose a healthier lifestyle that I can maintain in the long term.  Please have a look at this post which explains why I'm doing this, and if you'd like to join in just do a weekly blog post and link to this update, then add your post to the linky below.  Thanks and good luck!