Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mr Right

He's such a lovely man.  Really lovely. 

He's tall, about 6' 2" with broad shoulders and strong hands that have been used for manual work over the years.  His face is attractive but not in a Mr Darcy type of gorgeousness, more of a kind face with laughter lines at the corners of his eyes.  One of his most attractive features is his salt and pepper hair which I've always had a real weakness for.

He's got a very similar sense of humour to mine, we laugh at the same things and we laugh often. 

We share a love of cinema, theatre and art so at weekends we can be found visiting art galleries, watching films or going to see a show.  He loves to plan these weekends in advance so that we always have something to look forward to.

He can cook too - boy, can he cook!  He's much better than me - which to be fair isn't difficult, and amazingly he finds cooking therapeutic.  He likes to cook with a glass of wine in his hand and music on the CD player while I sit at the breakfast bar watching him in action.  And eating the results!

He doesn't smoke and he's not a big drinker either. More of a social drinker and we both enjoy a good bottle of wine with a meal.

And I'm relieved that he's not a fanatical football fan - I had enough of that growing up with 4 football mad brothers. 

He has emotional baggage of course (who doesn't at our age?) but he carries it with ease.  He has a good heart, he's honest, he's one of the good guys.  And most importantly, my daughters like him.

If you know this man, or recognise him from this description please point him in my direction.  I've been looking for him for years and I'm exhausted.