Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Things the Teenager has said to me this week

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Can you still get pregnant if you use a condom?

My friends' mums are soooo cool...but they're a lot younger than you...

I just can't figure you out sometimes Mum!

I like having a messy bedroom, it feels cosier.

I just don't understand algebra - I mean, numbers and letter together is just SO wrong!

Can you still have sex when you're pregnant?

It's not my turn to empty the dishwasher....I did it last week.

OH MY GOD you are SO not allowed to call anyone a babe!!

Mum, you are just so embarrassing....

You have NO IDEA how well behaved I am compared to other people my age.....

Please don't sing Mum, please don't sing....

I can't wear that to the party, I've already worn it once before!

Are some people born gay?

Why couldn't you have had me a few months earlier 'cause then I'd be in year 10....

Go out and have some fun Mum, go mad for once!

Love you Mum