Monday, 6 September 2010

When I'm an Old Woman

Here's my homage to the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph

In years to come I want to be known as the eccentric old woman of the village
and will defend my title by behaving appropriately.

I will cycle my three-wheeler down the street with my scarf fluttering in the wind
and call out to children shouting "hello" or "don't drop that litter there"
My hats and leather gloves will be in rainbow colours
and there'll be doggy treats in my basket for passing canine friends
I'll complain loudly in shops when the assistants are slow or chatting behind the desk
and ask to see the manager

I'll visit the cinema during the day and laugh raucously without fear of embarrassing my daughters
and I'll learn stories off by heart to keep the children rapt
when I become the flamboyant storyteller at the library

Trick or treaters coming to the door will be met by a witch with a water-pistol
and I'll keep carol singers for at least three full carols
whilst joining in at full voice before a mince pie is offered

I'll get a tattoo that says something rude in latin so everyone thinks I'm clever
and take a younger lover who can visit me in the afternoon
when we can laze decadently in bed eating chocolates and drinking cider (organic of course)

I intend to grow old disgracefully
fancy joining me?