Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Big Momma Challenge week 15

After last week's disappointment,  I lost 3lbs this week *fanfare* but the best thing is that I'm still feeling very motivated to keep going.  This week more people have commented on my weight loss, which is always nice, but it would be too easy to rest on my laurels and think I've lost enough for now. But I keep calculating the amount left to lose in my mind (51lbs) and it's clear that this journey is far from over.

Today I went to do some shopping and couldn't resist a visit to Debenhams to look at the Betty Jackson Black range again.  I love this range of clothing, and when I reach my target weight I'm going to spend a fortune there.  But as it is, I can't justify buying clothes that (hopefully) won't fit me for much longer, especially as I still have a wardrobe full of unworn clothes! So, I had to restrain myself today and just fondle a few things. I almost gave in and walked around for a while with a dress and a top over my arm, and eventually put them back on the rail.  But soon, my lovelies, soon!

So how has everyone else been doing?  Good weeks all 'round I hope?  Can't wait to hear, so don't forget to add your linky below.