Sunday, 24 October 2010

My 50th Birthday plans: Italy, food, fun and a bit of dancing

The plans for my forthcoming 50th birthday at the beginning of December are well underway!  After a lot of indecision about what to do I finally made some arrangements. 

Independent Ballet Wales
It's become one of our pre-Christmas traditions for the girls and me (and I?) to go to the ballet. We look forward to this little outing every year and this year I've bought tickets for us to see Giselle performed by the Independent Ballet Wales the day after my birthday.  We've seen this small ballet company on several previous occasions and always enjoy their performances, so this is a real treat. 

Gratuitous cute photo of Tessie
On my actual birthday we will be going to a lovely country pub that serves really good food in a cosy setting.  The service is good and we always enjoy going there, although it's not a regular thing, and an added bonus is that there is a special 'snug' where dogs are allowed in.  We've taken Tessie there in the past, and a bowl of water is always provided for her, and she sits happily next to the roaring fire while we enjoy our meal.  Perfect.

The big news though is that the weekend before my birthday we are going to visit good friends of ours in Milan! We're so excited about this, I can't tell you how excited we are. I absolutely love Italy although it's been many years since I've been there. In fact, I'm almost embarrassed to admit it's 28 years since I've been there....oh my god, I just shocked myself when I calculated that in my head. Good grief, talk about time flying....

The friends we are going to visit feel like very old friends, but in fact we only met them this year when we were all brought together during our trip to Los Angeles.  They are a lovely, warm, fun family and on our last day in LA we made promises to visit them in Milan, but instead of paying lip-service (and haven't we all done that? Oh, we must have lunch? And never actually do it) we actually knew it would happen.  Since being home we've been thinking of visiting Milan and the Teenager has been chatting to the family on Skype and Facebook, and was passing on messages about how much they wanted us to visit.  So, I managed to get some cheap flights with Ryanair and we're all set to go! We can't wait.

So after worrying about making plans for my birthday, and hoping it wasn't going to be a big let down it's actually all looking good for my birthday week.  Not bad, eh?